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Trouble Sleeping? Here Are 5 Calming Products That Will Give You A Good Night’s Snooze

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 20, 2021
Trouble Sleeping? Here Are 5 Calming Products That Will Give You A Good Night’s Snooze


The human body requires at least seven hours of sleep to recover and recharge every day. Cheat on these hours and it is bound to show through your skin and overall health. Lack of sleep is more common these days thanks to revenge procrastination and our smartphones, but what if we told you there is a solution to subconscious binge-watching and distractions? These simple yet effective products will have you dozing off willingly. 

5 Beauty Products That Will Promote Sleep

Pillow Talk

Ever heard of pillow mists for a good night’s sleep? You’d be surprised by how effective this product is. Using the power of sleep-inducing aromas, pillow mists are specifically formulated to calm your senses and make you feel sleepy. It makes use of various herbs and flowers that are said to help with stress relief and insomnia amongst other health benefits. Just spritz this mist on your pillow and bedding and it creates an inviting ambience for a restful nap. 

Interior Atelier 

The air in your room could use some purification and a touch of modern decor too. Consider home decor pieces that add style to your room and also purifies the air at the same time. Our favourite picks would be house plants, salt lamps, or even fancy aroma diffusers. Indoor plants like monstera and snake plant are hard to kill and will purify the air in your to help with better sleep habits. Salt lamps and aroma diffusers too offer air purification benefits and look chic at your bedside table.

Foot Therapy

Did you know that your feet absorb any skincare product faster than any other area of your body? It also is the gateway to relaxation and that’s why spas and salons focus on good foot massages to make you feel calm and comfy. An essential oil blend with oils that promote sleep can be applied on your feet and these oils will travel to the rest of your body making you feel tranquil. You don’t even have to massage it in, just apply the blend on your soles and lay down. Use a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil as your base and add drops of lavender essential oil and vetiver essential to make it a sleep-inducing concoction.

Sleeping Mask

A cooling skincare sleeping mask is just the ticket to make you feel relaxed and soothe your skin at the same time. These amazing products work on repairing your skin and unlike regular skincare masks, you do not have to wash them off after 15 minutes. Let the mask work its magic on your skin all night long and wash it off in the morning.

Lavender Cream

Lavender is touted to be the best for helping you get good sleep. The aroma also helps with stress, anxiety, inflammation and more. Using a lavender-scented balm or cream on your body will make you feel calm and ready for bed. Some lavender balms will also help with relaxing your muscles.

You will look forward to bedtime with these amazing products by your side. 

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