Glitzy Party Dresses Your Closet Needs For An Impromptu Night Out

Sumona BoseSumona Bose  |  Aug 2, 2018
Glitzy Party Dresses Your Closet Needs For An Impromptu Night Out

Impromptu night outs can present themselves like unannounced relatives, while you usually have a system in place to deal with both, they are always a bit of a surprise! A fashionable woman who likes to stay prepared for any occasion knows this for a fact… you need to have a backup stash of stylish clothes!

Fabulous party dresses belong to that genre as well. To hold them on standby means that all those spontaneous pub hopping plans don’t become a wasted opportunity and you can look your best, no matter how short the notice is. For your own sake, we have picked glitzy and glamorous numbers that only need a pair of heels to make a complete ensemble and look incredibly chic!

1. Ombre OTT


Ombre may not be the first pick for a hopping party, but boy will this one work wonders! The sexy neckline is interesting enough to keep you looking like a snack all evening!

Price: ₹ 4,999. Buy it here.

2. LBD With Shades Of Grey


Little Black Dresses do get the job done when you have nothing else to wear. We picked the upgraded version of the LBD though! With shades of grey and an abstract design, this Komal Sood number is a total win!

Price: ₹ 11,292. Buy it here.

3. High Slits


You can’t ignore a nice polka dotted number… it’s feminine, flirty and fabulous! We picked this ruffles and slit detailed midi. Isn’t it pretty?

Price: ₹ 3,490. Buy it here.

4. Magenta Swirls


Pair your favourite ruby lip shade with this magenta dress to look like a million bucks on a night out! The off-shoulder design is totes adorable, so let your hair down for a fun night out in this equally quirky dress.

Price: ₹ 4,200. Buy it here.

5. Sequin Silhouette


You can’t talk about party wear without mentioning sequins. Also, we picked a fitted bodycon number to end your night on a fashionable note. It also comes in a glorious emerald green which is absolutely to die for!

Price: ₹ 3,359. Buy it here.

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