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5 Never-Tried-Before Hacks To Transform Your Period Experience

5 Never-Tried-Before Hacks To Transform Your Period Experience

Nani says have melted jaggery and ajwain to ensure a smoother flow. Dadi says apply multani mitti on the period-induced acne. Mommy says ditch painkillers for a hot water bottle to combat cramps. Bestie says have dark chocolate for an instant mood boost. Bae says sip on some hot soup for comfort. Our near and dear ones surely come up with the best period-management tips. However, if their pieces of advice don’t work on your annoyingly stubborn PMS symptoms, we’re here for you!

We get that period side effects like acne, cramps, bloating, mood swings, fatigue, and headache can worsen the already-tumultuous shark week. So here’s presenting five new hacks that you may not have tried before. These will definitely make periods suck less, we promise. Check them out:

Sirona’s Pain Relief Heat Patch

Infused with eucalyptus oil and menthol, sticking this patch on your abdomen gives instant relief from period pain–minus any side effects. This discreet patch is quite easy to use and carry. It eliminates the need to manage and refill bulky hot water bottles while in pain. 

Sirona’s Herbal Headache Relief Patch

Period stress and hormonal changes can manifest as a full-fledged headache. But instead of popping painkillers, you can count on Sirona’s Herbal Headache Relief Patch for instant relief. Packed with the goodness of menthol, camphor, and clove oil, they’re a much-needed break from messy balms with a burning sensation. 

PMS Gummies

Sirona’s PMS Gummies are a one-stop solution for all your period probs. Rich in vitamin B6 and chasteberry, they help restore hormonal balance and alleviate period cramps. The Dong Quai (female ginseng) present in them can help combat fatigue and lemon balm can soothe acne and irritation. Popping one gummy a day regularly can drastically improve your period experience.

Sirona’s Menstrual Cup

This funnel-shaped device is made with 100% medical-grade silicone and is extremely vagina-friendly. It has an ergonomic rim design that helps it create a firm suction grip with the vaginal muscles and makes it stay in place. It can hold up to 28ml of period blood in one go and provides leakproof protection for eight hours straight.

Sirona’s Anti-Chafing Rash Cream

Periods can cause dampness and discomfort down there. The excessive moisture between your legs and friction from sanitary pads can lead to painful rashes on your sensitive genital skin. Enter Sirona’s Anti-Chafing Rash Cream. Made with natural actives like golden root and butterbur, it calms down the skin and soothes rashes and irritation in a single use. 

These period hacks are super-affordable, convenient for everyone on the go and can make your life easier during that time of the month. Try them, and thank us later. 

Featured Image: Pexels

24 May 2022

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