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Movie Marathon? 5 Bollywood Films That’ll Make You Happy, Sad & All Things In Between

Movie Marathon? 5 Bollywood Films That’ll Make You Happy, Sad & All Things In Between

Let’s admit it. There’s nothing better than watching your favourite Bollywood film to lift your spirits! Whether it’s a mundane weekday and you’re in for a heart-wrenching drama or it’s movie night and you’d rather watch a giggle-packed comedy – there are tons of options. But if you’re anything like us, scouring the Internet for a feel-good movie has left you overwhelmed. However, don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best Bollywood movies that will have your movie night sorted. So, browse through, make your pick, and prep yourself for a binge fest!

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na


Whether you’re part of the gen-Z clan or proud to strut the millennial tag, this mega blockbuster will definitely strike a chord with you. Truly a comforting bowl of warm soup in movie form, this flick has more than enough fuzzy-frothy moments to make it a fun watch. Revolving around besties Jai and Aditi, the praised rom-com is all about searching for your one true soulmate (even though it was glaring at you since the beginning)! Making us weep, chuckle, and even conspire against a villainous cop, this movie has truly got it all to make it to your binge list. 

Dear Zindagi


We don’t think we’ve met a more relatable character than Kaira! Having a realistic albeit refreshing take on topics such as mental health, dealing with societal judgements, tackling angst against parents, and more, this one is truly for when you want to ugly-cry in your room. Apart from Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan who dazzle us with their charisma and chemistry, the movie also blesses us with totally logical life lessons to live by! This movie is food for your soul and one that will liberate you from all the emotions you’ve been pushing inside.

Kal Ho Naa Ho


Looks like we can’t get enough of Shah Rukh can we? (Who can blame us!) Kal Ho Naa Ho is packed with all the elements that makes it a great watch (and rewatch). You get it all from unbridled joy, heartbreaking sadness, to even selfless love. However, be warned! This one starts off as a comedy that will leave you chuckle out loud and ends with *spoiler alert* – you reaching for a box of tissues. Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan definitely make the movie-watching experience more pleasurable and without giving too much away, this one is defo standing in the wall of fame of great movies. 

Taare Zameen Par


Just the song “Maa” gets us all riled up! This movie about 8-year-old dyslexic child, Ishaan Safary, will tug at your heart strings. As the young child navigates through school life, we also jump in on the journey and learn how to deal with parental pressure, peer comparisons, and realizing we’re all gifted. But, don’t you dare think it’s all sappy! Young Ishaan’s experiences also have tons of chuckles and giggles along the way that make this a flick that you cannot miss out on.



Are you even a Bollywood buff if you haven’t watched Queen? Starring Kangana Ranaut, this isn’t your regular take on a movie about a small-town girl who has big emphanies. Instead, the movie takes you on a journey where Rani finds herself on a solo honeymoon trip. She fights with a pickpocketer, befriends a Persian-Spanish-Indian woman, and even has a Russian romance! While watching this comedy-drama, we can’t help but let Rani win our hearts over with her small-town charm, vulnerable spirit, and immense courage.

So, are you all set for your movie marathon? Regardless of what movie you pick from our list, you’re in for a good time. Just be prepared for uncontrollable giggles and also keep a box of tissue nearby!

16 Jun 2022

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