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Wondering What To Do On Your Next Date? 30 Late-Night Date Ideas For Every Kind Of Couple!

Wondering What To Do On Your Next Date? 30 Late-Night Date Ideas For Every Kind Of Couple!

Are you a part of the dating club but clueless about where to go and what to do on your dates except for trying out the fancy new restaurant in your city? We get you. Most of us are uncreative with our dating plans and that can get boring over time. You need to experience new things together to truly get to know a person. While it is important to have deep and meaningful conversations, it is equally important to break loose and have some fun so you can see a different side of your partner. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 30 late-night date ideas for every kind of couple. 

For The Romantic Couple


If you and bae are the romantic sorts (or even if you’re not!), these late-night date ideas guarantee a loved up time with your special someone. 

1. Candle Light Dinner


Let’s begin with the most obvious one! Scrumptious food, red roses and candles- who doesn’t like that? A romantic candlelight dinner should be perfect for the third date. 

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2. A Walk To Remember


Blame it on the movies but we’ve all fantasized about taking a late-night walk with our date which ends in a sweet lingering kiss. So don’t just day-dream about it, do it! Be it a hot summer night or a chilly winter evening, walking with him hand-in-hand under a blanket of stars is super romantic. 

3. A Romantic Car Drive

A slight drizzle, your favourite music and a romantic car drive… Dreamy, right? Stop by to grab a garma garam chai and enjoy the ride. 

4. Capture The Moment

Been together for a while now and share a good comfort level? Then it’s time to turn one of your dates into a photoshoot! Take candid pictures of each other, make funny boomerangs, maybe a video while he is trying to paint your nails. Capture your time together. These are sure to bring a smile to your face when you look back at the photos. 



5. Living Room Picnic

Feeling romantic but do not want to step out of the house? Do not worry, we’ve got a date idea for you where you can turn your living room into the perfect picnic/dinner spot. Move out the dining table and create a makeshift tent or just lay a furry blanket. Throw in some floor cushions, turn off the lights and switch on the fairy bulbs. A bottle of wine, comfort food and you’re done. 


6. Leave Love Notes All Around

Is your boyfriend coming over to your place? Add an extra dose of romance to the evening by leaving little love notes around the house. Nothing better than reminding your sweetheart how much you love him, is there? Start from the entrance and slowly lead him to the bedroom 😉


7. Just Cuddle & Nap Together

This the sweetest and yet the simplest idea. If you’ve had a tiring day and don’t really feel like stepping out, just cuddle and take a nap together. I’m sure a warm hug can do wonders. And nothing feels more intimate than spooning with your partner, amirite? 

8. Go On A Rooftop Date

Pick a romantic rooftop restaurant for your next date. It is not only uber-romantic but also fun to be outside, feeling the breeze on your face and watching the lit cityscape.  



For The Fun Loving Couple

Is you BF your BFF also? And are you looking for some fun date ideas as opposed to the truly romantic ones? No issues, we got you sorted. 

9. A Scavenger Hunt

Remember the man who organised a scavenger hunt from LA to Paris just to propose to his lady love for marriage? While that requires a whole lot of dedication, you can always arrange a scavenger hunt around the city, a specific area or even in your house. Create clues that lead him to a spot where you first met, shared your first kiss and so on. Your date will definitely love you for the effort and the experience is sure to bring you both even closer. 

10. Sing Along At A Karaoke Night

Music can be both fun and romantic! One of the most exciting late-night date ideas is to visit a karaoke bar and unleash the singer in you. You can sing duets and have the most fun and crazy night together. If you’re way too shy, then just get a karaoke set at home and get going! The idea is to do something more than just the standard dinner and movie. 

Do check out Harry’s Bar & Cafe in Khan Market, New Delhi for an amazing karaoke experience. Also, do not forget to take lots of videos of each other!




11. Visit Gaming Zones

Be it bowling or a gaming zone with computer games and slot machines, this is sure to be one of your most fun dates EVER! To make your life easier, we’ve even compiled a list of the best bowling places in Delhi. Do check it out!


12. Attend A Concert Together

Your fave singer is on tour and coming to your city? Do not miss out on this one then. Be it your third date or thirteenth… you and bae together at a concert sounds like too much fun. 

13. Check Out A Comedy Club

A man with a good sense of humour gets an extra brownie point from me always. Plan a date at a comedy club for the laughs and to also see how well he takes to the jokes and if he’s smart enough to understand one! 

14. Go On A Bike Ride

Love exploring new neighbourhoods? Well, then go on a bike ride for your next date. This will not only inject freshness into an old relationship but is also a big thumbs up for days you feel like you don’t really want to talk, talk, talk. 



For The Movie Buffs

Who doesn’t like watching movies? Here are some date night ideas that will make you feel like you’re in a movie yourself.

15. A Late Night Movie Show

Who would mind a late-night movie show? If you’ve got some extra bucks, I suggest booking Gold Class tickets to make the experience even more wonderful. 

16. Netflix And Chill

This is indeed one of the most fun ideas and also the easiest on your pocket. Slip into your PJs and get ready to binge-watch your fave shows. You’ll even get to know if you’ve both got the same taste when it comes to Netflix shows. 


17. Dance To Your Favourite Tracks

Got to a club, a dance workshop or enroll yourself in a dance class. Dancing is intimate, it’s fun and it’s a great way to spend some quality time with your partner. Moreover, it makes you happy and brings out the best in a person. Don’t worry about having two left feet, just go with the flow! 


18. Movie Location Hunt

Movie buffs can visit a filming location to relive their favourite scenes from the film. In Delhi, for example, you can visit Hauz Khas village where Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Tamasha’ was filmed or Cannaught Place where ‘2 States’, starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor was shot.


19. Recreate Your Favourite Movie Scene

Movies offer daters a ready-made script for the perfect romance — you just have to find a partner willing to play along with you as you say your lines. All it takes is some imagination and planning. Recreating a classic movie love scene doesn’t have to be as involved as encasing yourself in carbonite or floating on a door in the middle of the ocean — you could just show up at your date’s door with some cue cards or a boombox.

20. At-Home Movie Marathon

Many couples do not enjoy the crowd at cinema halls. If you do not wish to step out, enjoy some classics at home. You can organise an at-home movie marathon and watch classics such as ‘The Notebook’, ‘Love Actually, ‘Pretty Woman’ amongst others. 



For The Foodie Couple

I’d say, ‘A couple that eats together, stays together’. We have a few date night ideas for all the foodies out there.

21. Late Night Food Tour

One of the best late-night date ideas is to explore the midnight street eateries! They are easy on the pocket, sell the most amazing food and it’s a lot of fun to go out stuffing your face late at night. If you can’t find anything near your place, there’s always 24X7!

22. Go On A Tasting Spree

While wine tasting is one of the best things to do, food tastings are equally fun. You can choose literally anything with your partner and then go on a tasting adventure. It could be checking out ice cream parlours or even the best chole bhature in town. Or sign up for a whiskey or coffee tasting session.

23. Go Restaurant Hopping

Ever heard of pub-hopping? Well, for many of us, it is restaurant-hopping that matters. Make your date count while you try different cuisines, whether it is Italian, Continental, finger food or Mughlai.



24. Late Night Ice-Cream Date

Sneak out for an ice-cream late at night. A sweet and short date that you’ll both always remember. 

25. Cook Something New Together

Cook dinner together. Cooking together can be as fun as it can be intimate. You can take up a challenge and go for something more complicate like sushi or biryani. Or keep it sweet and simple with a chocolate cake or the good old eggs! 


26. Pack A Picnic Under The Stars

Why not go for an outdoor picnic under the stars? In fact, cook together and make a date out of it by going on a picnic with the self-cooked food! 

27. For The Love Of Food Trucks

So you two are foodies. You’ve tried the new Italian restaurant, baked a cake together and even checked out the midnight eatery. What now? Well, there are always food trucks to check out. Park next to a food truck, play some good music and start hogging! 

28. Take Up A Cooking Class

This is the tried and tested formula. An idea that can make you go not just on one, but multiple dates with your bae! Isn’t that exciting? Join a cooking class together. You can even try making the same thing at home later and compare both your versions!



For Adventurous Couples

Adventurous date ideas are kinda important. They help you build trust, see another side of your partner and indulge in activities that you’ve both probably never done before. It’s a lot more exciting. Even if your partner is not the adventurous kinds, this date will show you whether or not he or she is up and ready to try something new just for you. 

29. Take a hike

Now if you don’t have time to plan a hiking trip or you’re just into your 3-4th date, you can always plan a day-trip to a nearby resort with activities such as rock climbing, obstacle course and more. 

30. Go Camping!

Can anything be more romantic than sleeping in a makeshift camp right in the middle of the wilderness with your loved one? And waking up to the sound of chirping birds and fresh air. This is going to be a date unlike any other. You up for it?



So what are you waiting for girl… Pick up that phone and call him already! 

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