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30 Goals To Check Off Your Bucket List Before You Turn Thirty

30 Goals To Check Off Your Bucket List Before You Turn Thirty

Your 20s is an era of experimentation, learning new things and finding yourself, above all. To make the most of this time and to be self-reliant, spiritually centered and make a better life for yourself, you’ve got to put in some effort. We all look forward to settling down someday with a stable life, stable job and a relationship; but, today is not that day. To fill the time between now and till you turn 30, try achieving these crazy goals which are a mix of responsible and whimsical and check the following off of your bucket list


1. Challenge yourself, push your limits, set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve those goals.

2. Learn to be self-reliant when it comes to handling your own life, which means working, cooking, cleaning and paying the bills.

3. Solo travel to some far-off place, explore a new city and embrace wanderlust.


4. Attend a live sports game in a stadium – a cricket match, or even the World Cup – if you’re really into it.

5. Date someone who is not your type, and take that as a chance to experiment.

6. Live alone for a short while and become absolutely independent.

7. Attend a music festival, drink your heart out and just sway to the rhythm.


8. Get inked or get a new piercing; leave a mark of the crazy 20s you had.

9. Learn a new language, because why not?

10. Adopt a pet, make it your sweet lil’ baby.

11. Learn to gamble; a poker game every now and then is really exciting and fun.


12. Train for a marathon and actually run it.

13. Master a sport and workout to get the body you’ve always wanted.

14. Plan your savings, learn to budget and invest in stocks, hop on to the path of financial independence.

15. Stand up for a cause, take part in a charity event or fundraiser, volunteer for a cause.

16. Develop faith, it may not necessarily be religious but try to spiritually find peace and feel centered.

17. Try something that you’ve always been scared of and overcome that fear.

18. Spend time with your parents, plan weekly, get together often and show them you care.

19. Learn all about your kind of alcohol, and maybe even master the art of cocktail making.

Bucket List Ideas


20. Fall in love; with your friends, family and your partner. Fall in love with your life!

21. Start a collection of stamps, shot glasses, or whatever the hell you like.

22. Learn how to cook yourself a meal from scratch.

23. Hit up all the wineries and breweries in town.

24. Colour your hair something eccentric or get a funky haircut.

25. Work for someone you admire, find a mentor and set some guiding principles you plan to follow in life.


26. Learn to meditate and get in touch with your inner self.

27. Take control of your health, go for regular health check-ups and eat healthy.

28. Be able to express yourself unapologetically and to express your needs – in a relationship and to the society at large.

29. Take part in a reading marathon and strike off all the books that you’ve wanted to read.

30. Publish something in your name and if that’s not your thing, start maintaining a journal.

01 Mar 2018

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