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25+ Daughter’s Day Gift Ideas To Make Your Favourite Girl Feel Extremely Special!

25+ Daughter’s Day Gift Ideas To Make Your Favourite Girl Feel Extremely Special!

There’s no love deeper or a bond more beautiful than the one you share with your daughter. She enters your life as an angel and never ceases to be anything less than a blessing. As a baby, she makes you see the goodness in people through her innocence and an everlasting smile; as a child, she brings out the little kid in you through her giggles and playfulness; as a teenager, she helps you see the world through a new lens and as an adult, she becomes your best friend in every possible way. Through every rosy and rough stage in life, your bond only grows stronger with time. Although a relationship like this deserves to be celebrated every day, the fourth Sunday in the month of September is nationally celebrated as the Daughter’s Day.

Looking For Ways To Surprise Your Daughter?

Your daughter is God’s gift of love for you. Whether she’s a baby or all grown-up, gotten married or became a part of your family through marital ties, she will always hold a special place in your heart. So, this Daughter’s Day, we give you some gift ideas for daughters to remind her how precious she is to you. These are the ideas that’ll speak of your love without any words.

Daughter’s Day Gift Ideas For Elder Daughter

Buy these gifts for daughters and make them feel special.

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Forever Fabulous T-shirt

From the moment you held her in your arms, you knew there could never be anyone more perfect than this beautiful girl in your life. Now that she’s all grown up, remind her that she’ll continue to stay just as fabulous in every possible way.

3D Lipstick Mug

Your daughter is a born star. You know it. The world knows it. So, why not gift your fashionista something so unique and stylish that she can’t get her eyes off it? This fun and flirty, 3D Lipstick mug will do just the trick and even compliment her diva personality perfectly.

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Titan Anne Klein Pearl Watch

There’s no better gift than a beautiful watch for a daughter who likes to spend her time wisely. This Anne Klein’s beige-ish coloured stunner with a diamond in its exquisite pearl dial is not only classy enough to flaunt at special occasions but subtle enough to wear daily too.


Oh The Places You’ll Go Tote Bag

For a daughter who’s been fearlessly soaring high to reach her goals and working towards her dreams, every single day, this tote bag is perfect for someone like her who is born to fly! ‘Coz nothing in the world is going to stop her from going to places and reaching new heights.

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Marks & Spencer’s Perfume

A good perfume is more than just a bottle of fragrance but an accessory to compliment a woman’s aura and make her feel unavoidably confident. With this one, let your daughter immerse in the exotic and enticing scent that combines jasmine, spicy ginger and citrusy mandarin with soft, woody whiffs of vanilla to create an irresistible aroma.

Coffee Body Scrub Gel

From POPxo’s very own line of beauty products, the Coffee Body Scrub Gel smells just like your favourite morning cuppa coffee and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. Now wouldn’t your daughter love a scrub like this for a gift? In fact, you must buy one for yourself too! 


Daughter’s Day Gift Ideas For Younger Daughter

Spoil your younger one and get these best birthday gifts for daughter now!

Hello Sunshine Edible Bouquet

With 14 deliciously baked cake pops wrapped in golden foils and decorated in a spectacular flower bouquet setting, this little parcel of happiness is bound to make her eyes sparkle with awe and get her taste buds jumping with joy. So, go ahead and give it a try!

Powerpuff Girls T-shirt

If your daughter is no less than a Powerpuff girl with her eyes brimming with innocence and fierceness to overcome all the troubles in the world, this supergirl deserves a t-shirt as awesome as this one which will remind her of her powers and tell her to live by the Get. Set. Rule! mantra.

3D Unicorn Mug

Let your daughter believe in the power of magic with this cute and happy 3D unicorn mug! Not only is it extremely pretty to look at but the bright pastel colours will light up your daughter’s mood and bring a smile to her face each time she drinks her hot cocoa or Bournvitta in it.


Bubbles Round Backpack

Does your young daughter remind you of the adorable little bubbles? Does she too, have a ‘bubbly’ personality and a surprisingly smart mind? If so, this round backpack is going to increase her cuteness and make her carry all her school essentials comfortably with style.

Chocolate Bar Candy Soap

If your daughter’s favourite treat in the world begins with a C and ends with an E, we bet she’s going to be even happier on getting a soap that looks and smells EXACTLY like a chocolate candy bar. Someone’s probably going to spend long hours in the bath now, don’t you think?

Egyptian Rose & Honey Face Wash

Introduce your daughter to the world of beauty with POPxo’s Egyptian Rose & Honey Face Wash. Not only does it smell delicious but will give her that lit-from-within glow. Your daughter’s even going to love the fun packaging! 

Daughter’s Day Gift Ideas For Baby Daughter

These gift ideas for daughters who are your precious ones will make her even more happier.


Glow Up Light Teddy Toy

Who can resist the charm of a cute looking teddy bear with the softest and cuddliest of fur? Especially, the one that gives out a soft LED glow? I don’t think any kid would. So, gift this one-of-a-kind soft toy to your one-of-a-kind daughter and watch her face ‘light up’ with happiness each time she hugs her teddy bear and witnesses its glow.

Pink Ballerina Night Suit

Get your pretty little girl the gift of comfort and style with this pretty pink night suit! Made of 100% cotton, it’s good enough to keep her cool in summers and provides the right amount of warmth during fall too. Plus, it’s SO pretty that we bet she won’t be able to stop loving (and wearing) it!

Princess Tiara Hairband

If you consider your daughter no less than a princess, it’s time you make her believe in herself too. Let her shine with this stunning, sparkling tiara in the form of a comfy and sturdy hairband. And let her see herself as the most beautiful princess in the world – through your eyes.

Playhouse Tent

Every little girl dreams of having her ‘own castle’ someday, similar to the kind she hears/reads about in her fairytales. Now, make her dream come true with this charming little tent house with fabrics resembling the look of a dreamy castle, quilted blankets to keep her warm in winters and bright, pastel colours to keep the atmosphere fun and happy. This indoor playhouse is bound to fuel your daughter’s imagination and make her feel like a real princess!


Multi-functional Writing Board

Gift your daughter the freedom to explore her imagination, creativity and artistic curiosity in whichever way she wants through this awesome multifunctional writing board. It comes with a chalk-board, white-board, 25 white sheets, a box of chalk and a whiteboard marker with a duster. So, inspire your daughter to put her ideas on board and make them come alive!

Daughter’s Day Gift Ideas For Married Daughter

Mother & Daughter Personalised Necklaces

Your daughter may or may not be so far away from home but there’s certainly no distance in the chord that connects your heart to hers. And this gorgeous set of ‘mother & daughter’ necklaces reflect exactly that feeling. Personalise it according to your favourite charms or symbols and engrave it with your name and hers. This beautiful surprise is going to be worth remembering!

Veere Forever Mug

Miss those endless conversations over morning/evening cups of chai with your daughter? With this ‘Veere Forever’ mug, remind her of those beautiful moments and express the fact that irrespective of any distance or lack of time, she’s always going to be your best friend for life.

Kama Ayurveda Wellness Gift Box

This daughter’s day, pamper your daughter with the best Ayurvedic spa kit ever! The same way your unconditional love gives her a sense of comfort and well-being, this 100% natural range of wellness beauty products from Kama Ayurveda is bound to soothe, cleanse, repair and rejuvenate her body, skin and hair for a complete head-to-toe Ayurvedic spa experience.


Gratitude Notebook

Every so often, your daughter may stumble upon a situation that requires her to be stronger and more fearless. You may not always be by her side to soothe her with the warmth of your hug or the comfort of your presence but this diary might just do your job in reminding her to stay happy, positive and most importantly, grateful enough to see the good in every situation no matter what.

My Little One Wooden Frame

No matter how old your daughter gets, you’re always going to see her as your ‘little one’ for life. Aren’t you? So, on this day, surprise your not-so-little one with a wooden frame decor that’s carefully engraved with her most precious baby picture. This special gift is bound to make her smile (or even tear up) as she realises that she’s always going to be your little baby girl forever.

Daughter’s Day Gift Ideas For Daughter-In-Law

Daughter-In-Law Mug

If your daughter-in-law is a force to be reckoned with, this mug deserves to be owned by a superwoman like her. Surprise her with this funny and unique mug that will not only put a smile on her face every time she reaches for it and fills it up with her favourite beverage but will also remind her of the strengths that she so often forgets to possess.

Birthstone Necklace

You may not have brought her into this world but your world surely did begin to sparkle a bit more with her presence in your life. So, this daughter’s day, gift your beautiful daughter (in-law) a gorgeous necklace with her birthstone and show how much you love her existence.


No Stopping Me Laptop Skin


For a passionate daughter-in-law who is driven with the desire to make all her dreams come true and is always brimming with a vehement enthusiasm to reach her goals, this laptop skin is a perfect gift for someone as unstoppable as her – to inspire others and stay inspired forever.

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Healthy Food Gift Hamper

As a mother, you never stop worrying about the health of your children. You emphasise enough on the importance of healthy snacks but it’s rather difficult to beat the ones which taste good, isn’t it? But now, you can! Gift your daughter a package of love through this amazing hamper that is filled with an assortment of healthy and delicious gourmet treats like trail mixes, dry fruits, kettle corn, etc. This basket-full of yummy, nutritious snacks is as thoughtful as a gift can be!

Sugar Cosmetics BFF Kit

If your daughter-in-law is a makeup enthusiast and loves trying out new looks every now and then, gift your beauty queen nothing but the best in the world of cosmetics. From the perfect lippy to brighten up her smile to the kohl that’ll light up her eyes, a highlighter for that flawless glow to a nail lacquer for that perfect finishing touch, a Sugar Cosmetics Kit is all you need to make your daughter (in-law) swoon over the products and ready to take on the world!


Coconut & Jojoba Creme Conditioner

If your daughter-in-law takes her mane seriously, then she’s going to LOVE the Coconut & Jojoba Creme Conditioner from POPxo’s haircare collection! It’ll add lots of smoothness to dry hair and leave her with gorgeous locks for the celebrations later in the day. Pair it up with the Coconut Milk & Green Apple Shampoo for even better results. 




So, go ahead and make her feel like the most special lady in the world. After all, isn’t she?


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