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21 Thoughts Every Guy Has When He Sees His Girlfriend Undressed For The First Time

21 Thoughts Every Guy Has When He Sees His Girlfriend Undressed For The First Time

Love isn’t always about the sexual tension between two people but it is obvious if two people are wildly attracted to each other and can’t keep their hands off each other, it keeps the chemistry and magic alive. If you ask me the favourite part of my relationships have always been the beginning- when you don’t know exactly what the other person is thinking but they’re constantly on your mind, the endless phone conversations, and sharing all your firsts together- date, drive, kiss and finally sleeping together.

So here are 21 thoughts every guy has when he sees his girlfriend completely stripped down naked for the first time. Trust us, you’re gonna wanna know these.


1. “WOW. *hoot hoot*”

2. “She doesn’t know how beautiful she looks in this very moment, it’s maddening.”

3. “How did I get so lucky?”

4. “She is sexy as hell.”

5. “I have to take it slow even though all I want to do is ram inside her.”

6. “I can see every aspect of her stunning body… those goosebumps covered legs, the hardening nipples, the soft skin of her neck, and those mesmersing eyes.” 

7. “I wish she could see herself like I’m seeing her right now.”

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8. “Her messy hair is making me go wild. I just want to pull her towards me.”

9. “I need to keep it together and not look too desperate, even though I desperately want her. Now.”

10. “Gosh, I want to bite her everywhere, mark her body, nibble on her ears… I want to make her all mine.”

11. “Man, those globes… her boobs are so soft and perfect. A good tittie fuck is everything I need right now.”

12. “Can’t believe that I actually get to touch her.”

13. “I’m going to make her so wet, she’s going to be begging me to enter her hard and fast.”

14. “I feel like a teenager again, she is making me so hard and seeing her in all this gorgeousness is setting my insides on fire.”

15. “Okay, gotta be cool.”

16. “I wanna remember this image forever, taking a mental picture right now.”

17. “Gosh, those lips, can I devour them already?!”

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18. “Oh she’s giggling, that giggle is hot as hell. How is she making me even more excited.”

19. “I didn’t think I could get THIS horny.”

20. “I hope she isn’t nervous. I think I’m a little nervous to be honest.”

21. “Oh God, no more thinking… I’m just going for it.”

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30 Jun 2019

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