Mani Monday: 21 Nail Art Designs That Made It To Our Saved Folder This Year

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Dec 27, 2021
Mani Monday: 21 Nail Art Designs That Made It To Our Saved Folder This Year


As we say goodbye to 2021 we can’t help but admit that we’ve had some really cool nail art trends this year that are fresh, versatile, and oh so desirable. For the nail art we rocked and the ones that are on our wishlist, here are 21 of the best manicures we’ve bookmarked in 2021 to give ourselves a reminder that our digits have so many more designs to flaunt to kickstart the new year.

21 Nail Art Designs Of 2021 That Are On Our Wishlist

Royal Red

A blood red nail design with a reverse french manicure in gold won our hearts this year as it is such a fabulous take on classic red tips.

Velvet Wow

We can’t get enough of the velvet nails trend as it is just so fun, glamorous, and versatile. As you move your finger tips, the sparkle used in the nail art moves to giving off the most fabulous finish we could possibly dream of.

Funk Town

Swirly nail art was big this year and for good reason. This nail art design takes the trend a step further by incorporating shimmery copper polish paired with blue and chocolate brown.

Bling Queen

High-shine champagne glitter nail in the coffin nail shape is not for the faint hearted but is just too glamm to pass up on.

Glam Nature

For a more subdued nail look that is both sparkly and earthy, this nail design takes the cake and we can wear this trend on repeat.

Animal Instinct

These tortoise shell nails were everywhere because they just look so luxe. Used as an accent or on all ten digits, this trend just compliments those alligator faux leather purses and high-end clothing like coffee in the morning.

Star Power

Nude nail polish with these graphic gold foil stars that feature tiny rhinestones in their hearts are such a cool new way to wear nude nails. We haven’t had enough of this trend yet.

Tie Dye Vision

French tips with a rainbow tie dye colour spectrum, take my money! This trend allows you to go boho beachy while maintaining a sophisticated look all while being a total treat to look at.


Sometimes a showstopping polish like this copper glitter shade is all you need to make a statement.

Abstract Angle

A monochrome nail look with triangles of cobalt and sky blue are just what you need to make your digits a conversation starter.

Spice Block

Pumpkin spice and cream nail polish shades in a simple block design is such a multi-faceted trend to rock as it is versatile and even very retro.

Candy Pink

These peppermint pink nails with a candy cane spiral accent were just what we gifted ourselves this Christmas.

Nail lingerie

This polka dot net nail design paired with balck glitter has no business being this sexy and so we just have to try it on, no questions asked.

Nostalgic Nails

Like bioluminescent waters merging with a blushing sky at sunset, this nail art trend is like a happy memory we can relive by donning it on our fingertips.

Silver Sweet

A nail trend that makes your fingertips look like unwrapped milk chocolates using silver foil, it’s a cute, edgy, and versatile nail trend that we don’t see going out style.

Drip Influence

Dripping gold aesthetic in place of basic french manicured tips, this is a nail trend to hold on to for whenever you want to look sophisticated yet creatively fashionable.

Intergalactic Chrome

For anyone who loves to go edgy with nail art, might we declare these chrome nails to end your search for a party read look.

Vision In White

If your preferred fashion aesthetic is pastel chic, this white nail design will take your outfits to the next level.. It’s got bling, negative space, matte, and gloss finishes all in one design. What more do you need?

Grunge Glamm

Never has black nail polish looked so glamorous. The silver foil nail accent just takes an edgy black nail polish look to the next level.

Marble Tip

These nude pink nails paired with glitter accent and marble accent nails are just what you’ve been looking for if you wanted something glamorous, natural, and sophisticated. 

Fresh Start

These mint green nails with white hearts are just what we are looking forward to in 2022.

If you want to recreate these nail art designs on your own, you have to stock up on these nail products:

Which of these amazing manicure designs have you already tried and which are on your wishlist?

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