We’re Calling It: 7 Low Maintenance Hair Trends That Will Take 2021 By Storm!

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Apr 20, 2021
Biggest Hair Trends For 2021


If you had asked us back in 2020 what the big hair trends for the year ahead would be, it’s unlikely anyone would have said self-dyed locks, grown-out roots, and dishevelled fringes. Yet here we are. TBH, with the second wave hitting hard, we aren’t going to see our trusty hairdressers anytime soon. So, our plan of getting our signature locks back has been put on hold indefinitely. With nowhere to go and a lack of salon appointments and social events, we just can’t be bothered to style our hair every single day. The truth is flattering, high-maintenance hairstyles aren’t cooperating with the rest of our lives now.

So how do we proceed? Well, we say it’s time to make a refreshing change and up your hair game by embracing a statement hairstyle that requires little or no effort. Yes, it’s possible! We did a deep dive into the hair trends that we expect to hit the big time in 2021. Scroll ahead for hair trends that are fuss-free, versatile and easy to DIY or manage. 

There’s A Reason They’re Sweeping The ‘Gram RN!

We are calling it: These low-maintenance hair trends will take 2021 by storm!

90s Inspired

Of all the 90s hair trends bubbling up in 2021, the one that’s making rounds in this zoom era is smooth tresses with flipped ends. All you need to do is: Blow dry your hair, taking one section at a time until you reach the mid-lengths. Then, twist the brush up and away from your face creating flipped-out edges.

Skunk Hair Trend

From Dua Lipa to Kylie Jenner – the ultimate style queens of Instagram are embracing the dual-toned skunk hair trend and we are in for this celeb-approved look. Face-framing skunk hair is all about ditching the hair colour rules and includes colour-blocking of dark and light butting right up against each other.

Protruding Loose Ends

We have all seen slicked-back buns with tucked edges sweeping our feed for the last couple of years. But we’re totally obsessed with this new iteration of hair-tied up with loose ends. It gives that look a relaxed, beautifully undone feel. If you’re looking for something more elevated, you can go for a face-framing half-up hairstyle like this one. Isn’t it the perfect concoction of 90s style elements wrapped into one look?

Unkempt Fringes

Remember Monica Geller’s fringy hairstyle from friends season 2? Yes, those chic fringes are next up for 2021. Except for the iteration flooding our feed are super versatile eyebrow grazers that can be modified to suit several face shapes, hair textures, and maintenance needs, making them the perfect trend to follow.

Effortlessly Cool Curtain Bangs

Curtain bands were everywhere in 2020. We saw this wispy style on so many celebs including Ariana Grande and trust us, it’s here to stay. The one thing about curtain bangs that we’re fully sold on is how easy they actually are to style. It’s also a great way to change your style without doing anything too dramatic like changing your colour or sacrificing your length.

Embracing Air-Dried Hair

If there was an “I woke up like this” hair trend, this undone yet modern-looking wavy hairdo would be it. We’ve witnessed so many iterations of beachy waves thus far but the one bubbling up right now is a super casual variation of the trend. This can be the foundation of a swept-up updo or bun or can serve as a stand-alone style.

Statement Accessories FTW!

Yes, your mom’s claw clips from the ‘90s are back in trend. This one’s taking us back to our childhood days and there’s no denying it. If you are not looking to cut or colour your hair, this one can be your go-to hairstyle. It’s classic, cool, and literally can be styled in seconds.

So, are you ready for a wave of compliments coming your way?

Featured Image: Instagram