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#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Things We Must Leave Behind In 2019

#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Things We Must Leave Behind In 2019

It’s almost 2020 and we’re standing at the doors of a new decade. A new decade that will get with itself new hopes, dreams and aspirations for all of us. We’re looking at this new year wishing and praying that it will change everything for the better but let’s remember, that while magic does happen, some changes begin from within. There are some things you need to leave behind in 2019 and some you need to change about yourself to ensure that the coming year will be a beautiful one! At the risk of sounding a little preachy, it’s high time we stopped doing these things!

So here are 20 things we do not wish to take with us to 2020!

Here’s hoping these changes will make our year and decade much better!

1. Governments That Do Not Care About The People

It is quite a political stand, but it’s time that we, as citizens, wake up from our slumber and speak up about what it is that we don’t want. We live in a democracy and until we raise our voices against the injustice, we have not fulfilled our duties as citizens. Never forget – ‘of the people, by the people, for the people.’ 

2. Patriarchy

Another thing that we, as a society, must not take with us into this new decade is patriarchy. It is this narrow-minded thinking that brings with it a whole host of problems – from unequal pay to domestic violence, to rape culture and even stereotypical gender roles. Not only does patriarchy constrict women from reaching high in life, but it also puts men in a position they cannot challenge or break out of. 

3. Prejudice

Even though a huge part of our society is breaking out of this, there is still a chunk that is stuck with a prejudiced way of thinking. Whether it is on the basis of caste or religion or even occupation, we must constantly remind ourselves that we’re all essentially humans and there is no difference between us. Let us enter 2020 as equals instead of still believing in factors that divide us instead of uniting us.

4. Your Entitlement

We must thank god that we’re all in a position where we find a lot of things basic necessities whereas there are people in our society who consider them luxuries. Whether it is something as basic as clean water or edible food to education, there are people still struggling to get to the same level as you. In order to make it a better world for everyone, please remove your rose-tinted glasses and acknowledge the fact that some people have it worse and it’s them we need to help.

5. Ignoring Climate Change

Guys, wake up! We will not be alive to do any of these things if we don’t accept climate change and environmental degradation as real issues. We have less than 12 years to act upon this!

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6. Previous Heartbreaks

Now let’s take about things on a more private level. It is important that all of us leave behind our previous heartbreaks and aches in 2019 and carry none of that to 2020. The pain you carry from them only weighs you down and serves nobody.

7. Looking For A Relationship

Let love find and surprise you instead of chasing it. Do not base your value on whether or not you have a boyfriend and the number of suitors you currently have. Being single is quite cool and you can use that time to discover yourself. 

8. Social Media Status

It is very common for the youth today to find their self-worth in the number of followers, likes on their pictures or their Facebook friends. But it is equally important to remember that everything on social media is only a glimpse into the seemingly picture-perfect life of people. You cannot understand their struggles or issues from one post on Instagram so do not put anyone on a pedestal just by the number of likes they get.

9. Things That Do Not Feel Authentic

We’re all different from each other and everyone’s soul sings a different song. There might be things that you’re pressured into doing but they don’t feel real to you. Whether it is going out partying when you’d rather be home or picking a subject just because your parents want you to, it is time you give up everything that does not feel true to who you are.

10. Self-Doubt Or In Some Cases, Self-Obsession

Either of the two is bad. Constantly thinking you’re a failure or believing that the universe revolves around you are both qualities that will affect you negatively in the long run. Let’s begin 2020 with a fresh perspective, shall we? 

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11. Forcing Your Opinions On Others

I’ve seen so many people who hate other people for voicing their opinion, and why? Because it isn’t the same as their own. As long as somebody’s opinion does not cause harm to a particular person or a group of people, do your best to be more tolerant of others’ views. Agree to disagree.

12. Excusing Bad Behaviour

Love can make you do weird things, sometimes it can make you accept bad behaviour from those you trust the most and hold in the highest esteem. But this is the decade everything will change. From now, be a little selfish and call out everyone, your parents, siblings, friends, partners who treat you less than you deserve.

13. Judgements

We find it so easy to judge others for their life choices and their actions without ever understanding their struggles. Let us vow to be more empathetic in 2020 and promise ourselves that we’ll extend the same love to others that we expect from them.

14. Holding Onto The Idea Of A Perfect Life

We’ve dreamt of a certain life for ourselves and we constantly chase it without being thankful for what we currently have. Let go of that idea that life needs to be a certain way for you to be happy and find your happiness in wherever you are at the moment.

15. Not Chasing Your Dreams

Life is too short to live it according to what others deem appropriate for you. Follow your passion. We’re not asking you to be reckless or quit your job but learn to make space in your life for what you really want to do. You never know how it might become your profession!

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16. Not Continuously Educating Yourself

It is a crime to live in a bubble and not be updated with what’s happening around you. Education doesn’t stop at school or college, it is a lifelong process so continue learning new things and reading up on current affairs to ensure you don’t fall behind in life.

17. Being A Cynic

Looking at everything with distrust and disregard never helped anybody through life. It is important to look at things in a more positive way. Everything happens for a reason and in retrospect, you’ll realize that it was a good reason. 

18. Series And Movies That Are Non-Sensical

Indian television currently is serving us crap on a silver platter and sometimes, so does Bollywood. We’ve had misogynist movies like Kabir Singh and serials that are about snakes and flies. We need to demand better from our stars and it is time they delivered. 

19. Settling For Less Than You Deserve

Don’t let anyone, not even yourself, tell you that you deserve less than what you want. And frankly, stop accepting it too! So take charge of your life and rightfully ask for what is yours!

20. Silence

Your silence can sometimes be deafening. When you refuse to speak up, whether it is for your own self or for others, there are a lot of people who suffer with you. Some are the ones who could benefit from you voicing your feelings and some are people who look at you for support. So speak up, silence is not always golden!

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17 Dec 2019

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