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Celebrate Your Sibling: 20 Bhai Dooj Gifts To Give Your Brother And Sister This Year

Celebrate Your Sibling: 20 Bhai Dooj Gifts To Give Your Brother And Sister This Year

Bhai Dooj, a popular festival in India, celebrates the love between siblings. Traditionally, sisters would pray for their brothers to have a long and prosperous life. But now, it has become a celebration of the love and the bond that the siblings share. They do puja, take aarti and put tikka on each other–and then exchange gifts. It is known by different names around the country–Bhau Beej in Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, Bhai Tikka in Nepal, and Bhathru Dwithiya in parts of Bengal.

The festivities of Bhai Dooj are similar to Raksha Bandhan, which also celebrates the relationship between siblings. It falls on the second day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartika (between October and November) in the Hindu calendar and is part of the five-day Diwali celebrations every year. It always falls on the fifth day, which is the second day after the Diwali festival.

This year, Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on October 29. So if you want to make your siblings feel special, make sure you buy them the perfect gift for the occasion. Want ideas? We’re here to help!


Bhai Dooj Gifts For Brothers Under Rs 1,000

If you want to pamper your brother but not let it cause a hole in your pocket, we have some great gifting options for your brother that cost less than Rs 1,000.


Coffee Cheers

If you really love your brother and think he’s the best in the world, then he definitely deserves this coffee mug award. If he lives away from you, he will be able to remember you every time he drinks his morning chai or coffee. Everyone deserves to feel special and loved, and this one surely does that.

Phone Cover For Mr. Naughty

If you come to look at it, most brother-sister relationships are similar to Dexter and Dee-Dee’s. Together, they would try out crazy things and be completely wild–always up to some trouble yet they could never be torn apart. This one is for your own Dexter. 

Shots For Everyone

For the brother who loves to party, these shot glasses are great. Serve all the tequila there is in the house, add some salt and lime and down it all. The songs will make the Bolly buff in him go crazy. 

Doesn’t He Know How To Push Your Buttons

Another mug because one cannot have enough of them. This is for those you who don’t like telling each other you love the other overtly. This is for the most annoying brother in the world who steals the remote, sometimes takes mom and dad’s side and is always teasing you about something or the other.

Travel Life

If your brother travels a lot for work or for leisure, he needs a passport cover. This one says ‘Musafir Hoon Yaaron’ and is the perfect tribute to yesteryear Bollywood. A love for RD Burman and for globetrotting is a perfect combination. Your bro will totes use it every time he flies off. 

Bhai Dooj Gifts For Brothers Under Rs 2,000


If you’re ready to spend a little more, then we’ve got more gifting options for you to choose from for your brother this Bhai Dooj.

Who Is That In The Hood?

Winter is coming and Ned Stark’s wise words are manifesting into the truth now. This navy blue sweatshirt is perfect for the coming season and will keep him warm and make him look stylish! He can pair this with jeans or track pants for a stroll to the mall. 

Enter At Your Own Risk

This doormat is great for a brother who is a foodie. Be it rajma chawal, butter chicken or noodles, if he lives to eat then this doormat is perfect for him. It’ll also work as a warning sign so as to not let your parents walk in without a knock!

Gym Class Today

For all those brothers who chug protein shakes and spend a whole lot of time lifting dumbells, a gym bag is a perfect accessory for them. This one from Nike is tough and resilient, so it’ll last longer. It is also black in colour so will go with every gym look.

Bhai Dooj Gifts For Brothers Under Rs 5,000

Amazon Prime

If you are willing to spoil your brother rotten, then these are some things you can get him.

Fitness Enthusiast

These are classic sneakers that go with everything under the sun. Your brother can pair them with jeans, shorts or pants too, depending on the look he’s going for. They are Vans, so you know the quality can be trusted and they are built to last.

Oohh, Who Smells So Good?

What’s a better gift than a perfume? We swear by this gift. The ‘Calvin Klein Unisex One Eau De Toilette Perfume’ smells divine and has notes of pineapple, mandarin, papaya, cardamom, and lemon. So, if he’s a person who loves fruity smells, this one will be his new fave.

Tuning Out The World In 3..2..1..

Everybody loves listening to music and everyone deserves a great headphone set. Gift your brother this incredible pair by Sony with great sound quality to blare his music on. It is wireless, so it can connect to any device no matter the port. At least now he won’t play his music loudly on the speakers and disturb you. It’s really a gift to yourself! 😉

And, make sure that you make him listen to all those Raksha Bandhan geets he has been running away from!

Bhai Dooj Gifts For Sisters Under Rs 1,000

Why should boys have all the fun? Here are gifts under Rs 1,000 you can gift your sister.


Make Serving Cool

The Indian, designer tray looks quirky and fun. If your sister loves hosting then this is the best gift you can give. It’s yellow and all things fun so it’ll look super cute to serve both chai as well as a few too many glasses of wine.

Sisters Before Misters

This t-shirt says ‘Not Without My Sisters’ and that’s exactly what the bond between siblings is- fighting and making up and yet not being able to live without each other. It even has Powerpuff Girls’ cartoons on it and that makes it extra cute. After all, your sister is also made with sugar, spice, and everything nice along with Chemical X.

All That Good Skin Stuff

Everyone loves a good face mask and this one works wonders. If she’s a skincare junkie and loves fresh, bright and rejuvenated skin, then this one from POPxo’s skincare range works perfectly well. It has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties and soothes and detoxifies skin so it makes for a perfect gift.

Cover It Up

Your sister is a boss woman and that needs to be celebrated. Get her a laptop skin to raise a glass at her dedication to her work and to binge-watching all the episodes of Sex And The City in three weeks. She’s a superhero and deserves a whole lot of love (and gifts.)

On The Reading List

It all started with Solnit’s lead essay ‘Men Explain Things To Me’ that went viral in 2008. The essay highlighted that in male culture women are talked down to–sometimes in the nicest way possible and when it comes to things they excel at. Similarly, other essays in the book also have a feminist voice that is loud and clear, and supported by hard facts. Honestly, if your sister is a voracious reader, this one deserves a place on her bookshelf.

Bhai Dooj Gifts For Sisters Under Rs 2,000

Shower your sister with gifts and dher sara pyaar.


Skin Deserves Only The Best

Soundarya Miniature Luxury Gift Box is a set of products that are paraben-free and all-natural. So if your sister loves her nani ke nukse, she will love this. It can be something she uses to when she needs an elaborate but necessary self-care routine.

Pretty Pretty

Who doesn’t love pretty kundan earrings? This stunning pair by Blueberry Accessories pairs perfectly with Indian and Indo-western outfits. Because it is gold and white, it goes with close to all colours and with wedding season coming up, we’re sure these will become her fave.

Smell So Fine

Does your sister love self-care? These candles will make her room smell great, and make her feel calmer and less stressed out. Want your sister to look after herself more? These are great gifts to make her start.

Bhai Dooj Gifts For Sisters Under Rs 5,000

Pamper your sister rotten with these gifts that are below Rs 5,000 because you know what, it’s festival season!


That Smells Good

Accord, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, and lotus make this Versace fragrance a perfect one for your sister’s vanity. It’s a pretty bottle and smells divine. She will go gaga!

Hot. Hot. Hot

This lace dress will look stunning on your sister. It’s elegant and formal, so she can wear it for multiple occasions like office parties or night outs. In the winter it can be paired with a trendy jacket too. Gorgeous, right?

Just Sling It


This trendy, grey bag is stylish and all things cool. She will love her new accessory and it will go with everything. 

Happy Bhai Dooj everyone! ❤

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08 Oct 2019

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