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#MillennialFail: 19 WTF Thoughts I Had While Watching Love School Season 4

#MillennialFail: 19 WTF Thoughts I Had While Watching Love School Season 4

MTV Love School Season 4 is a reality TV show that offers a ‘crash course in love’. Self-proclaimed love gurus and real-life couple Karan Kundrra and VJ Anusha Dandekar try to fix the relationships of young couples by giving them certain tasks that help them resolve their issues and bring the ‘good goosebumps’ back.

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I recently watched the latest episode of the show with no context whatsoever on Voot. And boy… I wasn’t ready for it! Why am I writing about it then, you ask? I just thought it was high time that somebody described the horror that the makers of the show were passing as the concept of ‘millennial love’.

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First of all, how can somebody be schooled about love? What is this? Shah Rukh Khan’s Mohabbatein on the small screen? Five minutes into this bizarre show, I was questioning my decision of downloading Voot on my phone. Before I start ranting about how completely frivolous the existence of this ‘Love School’ is (punctuated by moments of utter exasperation), here are 19 thoughts I had while watching the last episode of the show, which BTW seemed like a crossover of Bigg Boss and Takeshi’s Castle.

1. Damn! Anusha and Karan look rad together! They’re starting off with a trust game for couples. What is this? A session from Art Of Living?

2. There’s going to be a ‘love exam’ titled Drive Me Crazy… isn’t it like every relationship ever?

3. So one of the partners has to work their way through a barbed maze blindfolded, while the other partner vocally navigates him/her through a series of obstacles. The pair who collects the maximum number of roses hidden in the maze wins. Did they just take the concept of “pyaar mein sab andhe ho jaate hain” too literally?


4. The couples are at it, collecting roses and I thought the concept of collecting roses to woo your lover is so passé. Am I missing something here?

5. Damn! One of these guys has no sense of direction. Ouch! His partner rammed herself into a rod. Don’t blame him, girl! He’s not Google Maps.

6. Ooo! Masala moment-Karan just revealed that two couples participating in the next round swapped their partners a day ago. What? What? What? *glass shatters* Imagine Ekta Kapoor-level moment of shock. What is this? The small screen version of Ajnabee?


7. What is this guy trying to achieve by saying ‘crawl’ like ‘cruel’? You know a fake accent when you hear one!

8. So this season has a homosexual couple. Bold move for a show that airs on small screen. Also, a major breakthrough for the TV industry after Section 377 was scrapped. One good thing about the show!

9. All the couples gang up and tease a guy who’s in the elimination round. Imagine Dolly Bindra-level of drama in Janice’s voice. Oh My God! Their pitch is so annoying. Quit whining, guys. This isn’t high school.


10. Now it’s time for elimination and VJ Anusha just declared the judgement night open. I hope everyone gets eliminated and I don’t ever have to watch this show again… like ever!

11. The language used by the contestants is so crass that I cringe whenever someone opens their mouth to speak. “Tu kaun hai be, aukaat kya hai teri?” Déjà vu! Did someone get caught by a policeman for over-speeding in Delhi?

12. Anusha and Karan are really showing interest in resolving the problems between these couples. Which, BTW, are not even real problems. Okay, I get it. They are making the episode meaty.


13. One of the contestants is a girl called Africa. And there’s a couple called Gisel and Ramesh (did he escape from the 5 Star ad?). O-K-A-Y! Just leaving this bit of information right here. Hey, I watched the episode. It’s only fair you know all the juicy details.

14. All the couples have targeted and voted out Gunjan and Rishabh from the show. Man, I feel bad for them. LOL no. Just kidding! I can’t even pretend that I’m mildly interested.

15. So this eliminated guy, Rishabh, claims to have something going on the side with another girl who dismisses him by saying, “I might like you, but I still love him (her current partner).” Déjà Vu 2 incoming! Doesn’t this remind you of Tiger Shroff sandwiched between Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria in SOTY2?


16. Another fistfight between two guys? And nobody’s saying anything. Is this show a platform for guys to freely manifest their pseudo manliness? If that’s even a thing!

17. Karan Kundrra kicks Rishabh out of the show. High time, no? He says he can’t put up with this BS just for the sake of the show. Neither can I, Karan, neither can I!

18. VJ Anusha makes a national declaration for Gunjan, vouching for her and giving a heads up to her ‘future man’ about how lucky he’s gonna get. Good for Gunjan. Free PR never hurt anybody, right? Also, she might have just saved a few bucks on shaadi.com!


19. The show ends with Anusha and Karan congratulating the top 5 couples of MTV Love School. Like that’s the highest honour anyone could be conferred with. “Get ready, because Top 5 is no joke.” What? It is! It literally is a joke.

People questioning each other’s dignity and entering into fist fights at the drop of a hat… Why are all these people even on the show? Do they not have jobs IRL? Don’t answer. That was rhetorical. Wait! Let’s not jump the gun here. I have a job and I’m fricking writing this! #JudgementallHaiKya?

No offense, but that’s how furious I was after watching the 40 minutes of this episode, which I’m never getting back BTW. As long as we continue giving screen time to Dolly Bindras and these students of ‘love school’, the standard of reality shows on Indian television is never going to improve. RIP sense, logic and sanity!

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12 Jul 2019

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