Beta, Ab Toh Karlo? 15 Hilarious Memes To Send Your Parents If They’re Pressuring You To Get Married

Kavya VashishtKavya Vashisht  |  Apr 25, 2019
Beta, Ab Toh Karlo? 15 Hilarious Memes To Send Your Parents If They’re Pressuring You To Get Married


Indian parent logic is something we can never understand especially the one pertaining to marriage. “Ghar hai, height hai, gora hai… aur kya chahiye?” Okay, mom! But what about compatibility? *incoming flying chappal*


This has been an age long battle. As soon as a girl enters her early twenties, she gets badgered by her parents about getting married. And Indian parents take marriage very seriously. They would leave no stone unturned to fix ‘rishta’ meetings, tell you stories about your cousin who got married and is well-settled now and what not. As if the taunts from pados waali aunties who keep bringing up your unmarried status aren’t enough.

Are you tired of having conversations with your parents that end with, “Beta, umar nikalti jaa rahi hai”? Then you should show these hilarious memes to your parents that will subtly ask them to take it down a notch. Maybe they’ll get the hint. Just, maybe!

1. When All The Principles Go Down The Drain

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What even?🤷

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2. Please Don’t Set Me Up With Gupta Uncle Ki Mausi Ji Ke Devar Ka Beta!

2 indian parents

3. Who Is Surprised?

3 indian parents

4. All Logic Is Thrown Out Of The Window

4 indian parents

5. Okay, Mom! Take A Chill Pill

5 indian parents

6. Guess My Rotis Will Never Be Round Then

7 indian parents


7. Time To Get Your Parents New Glasses

8 indian parents

8. Freak Out Level: 100

9 indian parents

9. Hmm… What You Gotta Say About That?

10 indian parents

10. I Don’t Come With An Expiry Date!

11 indian parents

11. WARNING! Never Send Her That Picture

12 indian parents

12. That’s A Party I’d Never RSVP To

13 indian parents

13. This! Period.

14 indian parents

14. Are You Listening, Mom And Dad?

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Just some #WednesdayWisdom: Pamper yourself today! 💅🏻💆🏻

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