Hungry For Some Inspiration? Here Are 15 Books That You Must  Read That Will Totally Change The Way You Deal With Life

Nithya LakshmiNithya Lakshmi  |  May 24, 2019
Hungry For Some Inspiration? Here Are 15 Books That You Must  Read That Will Totally Change The Way You Deal With Life

Books are always the best companions we can ask for, in all walks of life. We all need that source of inspiration in order to chase our dreams and desires. And nothing is better than an inspirational book to read to get you on track and help you achieve more. Lessons that couldn’t be learned even by meeting a lot of people, can be learnt in the most effective way possible by simply reading  a good inspirational book. Not only that, getting lost in a book with a cup of coffee, leaving all the realities of life aside, for a few hours is totally DIVINE!

Best Inspirational Books One Must Read

So, here we’ve listed 15 such best inspirational books to read, which is totally going to cleanse your mind and soul, revive your thought process, and make you look at life with an even better perspective. 

1. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff 

1-Don't Sweat The Small Stuff-inspirational book

This book comes from New York’s leading author, Richard Carlson, and has a series of examples on how to perceive things in the right manner without stressing over them too much. Also, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff is aimed at teens and women – whether you’re in love, at work, a family – to teach them how to embrace every situation and nurture every relationship while refraining from stress and conflicts.

Price: Rs 710. Buy it here.

2. Think And Grow Rich

2- best inspirational book-Think And Grow Rich

Who doesn’t want to be motivated?  If you are a dreamer and looking for some motivation to reach your goals,  then this book is all you need and more. From handling criticism to obtaining that attitude towards success by being practical, this book will teach you everything to ultimately fall in love with yourself and will help you to achieve your desires in life.

Price: Rs 150. Buy it here.

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3. Turning Points:  A Journey Through Challenges  

3- good inspiartional book-Turning Points  A Journey Through Challenges

This book is about late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam where he has discussed his Presidency, the challenges he faced in his life and about leaving his Government job to continue teaching. He has also spoken about his journey as an individual with some unspoken controversies and his vision towards the Nation. This inspiring book that has come from a great leader is sure to touch your heart! 

Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

4. The Alchemist

4-The Alchemist-inspiring book

We all love fiction and a message or two coming this way is sure to be remembered for long. Brazilian author Paulo Coelho has given some of the much-needed life lessons in this fable fiction. The story revolves around a shepherd boy named Santiago who literally follows his dreams all the way from Spain to Egypt, in search of a treasure, and gets in touch with his spiritual messengers on the way. 

Price: Rs 150  Buy it here.

5.The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

5-The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind- motivational book

Do you know how powerful your subconscious mind is? In this book, you will get to know all the secret principles and practices to have complete control of your mind and the various ways to think positively. This book is sure to change the way you lead your life by decoding the power of your mind.

Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

6. Life Is What You Make It

6- inspirational book-Life Is What You Make It

If reading a top self-help book seems a humdrum, pick this interesting novel from Indian author Preeti Shenoy. Declared as one of the nation’s bestselling novels, Preeti has beautifully articulated messages for her readers on determination, love, courage, ways to handle oneself in difficult situations thereby creating one’s own destiny! A story worth reading that has some great lessons for life.

Price: Rs 150. Buy it here.

7. The Gifts Of Imperfection

7-The Gifts Of Imperfection-inspirational book to read

Are you striving hard to be that perfect person in the life whom you think everyone would appreciate and love? This book will show you that you don’t need to be that person! It will teach you the art of living that perfect life wholeheartedly while being imperfect. It is one such incredibly written self-discovery book which will boost your self-esteem like never before.

Price: Rs 856. Buy it here.

8. The Secret 

8-The Secret- best inspiring book

This is a book written by Rhonda Byrne who has compiled a series of personal experiences along with those coming from inventors, philosophers, scientists, theologians all explaining about the power that lies within every individual. With the secret revealed in this book, you can find inner peace, love, harmony, clarity, abundance and can achieve everything that you aspire for in life. 

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

9. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

9-The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fck-book to read

What if we say that you might actually be reacting to a lot of not so important things in life? Mark Manson puts across the raw facts and truths of life in the most unconventional way with a pinch of humour, triggering you to think deeply. This inspiring book for teens and adults is sure to change the way you look at things and to which you render your attention.

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

10. The Magic Of Thinking Big

10-best inspirational book-The Magic Of Thinking Big

Are you thinking big about achieving your dreams? Well, this book is undoubtedly one of the best among the personal development books from various authors which encourages you to never stop thinking. Whatever life has in stock for you, this book will certainly give you the strength to fight all the odds and the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

11. Life’s Amazing Secrets – How To Find Balance And Purpose In Your Life? 

11-Life%E2%80%99s Amazing Secrets- inspiring book

Who doesn’t wish to lead a successful and peaceful life? Gaur Gopal Das in this book takes us through the beautiful journey of life, pointing the key areas in life like relationships, love, work, your potential and gives insights from his experiences in the most remarkable way possible. As the cover page says, you can ultimately find a balance and purpose in your life once you reach till the last page.

Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

12. Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice From Someone Who’s Been There

12-Tiny Beautiful Things

If you think you have messed a lot of things in life then turn to this book as a source of inspiration to kick start and fight back. Coming from a wealth of personal experiences, Cheryl Strayed talks about the ups and downs of life and the art of dealing with it in an exceptional way. This thought-provoking book seems to be the perfect medicine for those who are feeling lost in life.

Price: Rs 437. Buy it here.

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13. The Last Lecture

13- must read inspiring book-The Last Lecture

As they say, live every moment as if it was your last one, The Last Lecture throws light on ways to deal with challenges and how to overcome obstacles in life. It is indeed a lecture which was given by Professor Randy Pausch at Carnegie Mellon University that reached millions of viewers on the internet in no time. Such an inspiring speech coming from an experienced soul is worth reading.

Price: Rs 295. Buy it here.

14. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

14-The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This is a novel which is about a lawyer named Julian Mantle who has a sudden cardiac arrest turning his life upside down. With a sudden jolt in his life, he visits India and learns the value of life, the value of relationships, the value of every moment and the value of living a meaningful life to our heart’s desire! This inspiring journey of Julian is sure to take you through the same to lead a fulfilling life.

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

15. I Am Malala 

15-I Am Malala

This outstanding book is all about a brave girl Malala who fought against terrorist in the Taliban for girls’ educational rights and was almost in the face of death at a very young age of 12. Nothing ever stopped her from fighting against the atrocities in her valley. The book shows her struggles and pain along with her tremendous achievements which are such a motivation for its readers. 

Price: Rs 280. Buy it here

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