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If You’re Curvy And You Know It, Here Are 15 Fashion Struggles That Are Way Too Familiar

If You’re Curvy And You Know It, Here Are 15 Fashion Struggles That Are Way Too Familiar

Thick thighs save lives isn’t just a saying. It’s a mood. Yes, I’m curvy and I know it… and if you’re reading this, you are too. Even though it’s tough for us thick chicas out there, if we own our bodies as they are, there is nothing that can stop us from world dominance, amirite? I mean, look at Beyonce. 

It’s true that things are getting better for us curvy women. However, there are some fashion struggles you know a little too well. Here they are: 

1. Shopping online is like trying to find a worthy date on Tinder


They say it’s size 14 but it fits like size 8. Hmmph. 

2. Three-quarters of your closet are just really stretchy stuff

Tregging, jeggings and leggings for life.

3. Curvy Girls have to wiggle-wiggle-wiggle to get your pants past your hips


Jason Derulo never made so much sense. 

4. D.I.Y. is a lifestyle for you ‘coz you have years of experience in alterations thanks to faulty size charts

Nothing fits just right. FML. 

5. Dresses look bomb on you but thigh chafing is a real bi*ch


And then you end up wearing pants for the rest of the month to make the burn go away. 

6. When you’re wearing shorts you spend more time pulling at the crotch than doing whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that, amirite? 

7.  ‘Free Size’ is a real live nightmare


It says ‘one size fits all’ but it never really fits all of YOU. 

8.  Those awkward peepholes, when you wear a button-up shirt, won’t let you sit, eat, stand – actually just EXIST – in peace

Safety pins are my true best friends. 

9. All your skinny jeans start coming apart at the seams. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Don’t forget about the fuzzy little balls between your thighs, thanks to the chafing. 

10. Sales are not your thing because the largest size on the racks is an M. Ugh.

And if you do find your size, you have to face the fitting room queues too.

11. You have to try EVERYTHING on before you buy it


Can’t take a chance, can you?

12. Even a t-shirt with jeans looks ‘sexy’ on you

That’s not always a bad thing. *wink*

13. Pants that fit you around your waist are too loose around your ankles. Party poopers. 


Like I said, leggings for life. 

14. Clothes, especially pants, that DO fit you well are usually 3 feet longer on you. 

Which is why curvy girls are masters at D.I.Y.s.

15. You don’t love that swimwear is either so tight around your thighs that it cuts into them or it just gives up and slides right up. You still crush it, though.


It’s okay, though. As they say, a beach body is ANY body – yes, even a curvy body – at the beach. 

So, obviously, it isn’t too easy being a fashion girl with a curvy body like yours but you’re still killing it, aren’t you? Beyonce would be proud. 

P.S. Want some curvy style inspo? Here you go.

All GIFs sourced from Giphy.

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12 Oct 2018

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