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14 Totally Crazy Things That Happen At EVERY Shaadi Wala Ghar!

14 Totally Crazy Things That Happen At EVERY Shaadi Wala Ghar!

When your home becomes the shaadi ka ghar… isn’t that the single most exciting thing in the world! And if you’ve been to one, you know just how much goes on inside the walls of that one house which once had a family of 4-5 but now pretty much every human you know is living there. Here are 14 things that happen at every shaadi wala ghar!

1. Kuch meetha ho jaye!

Every type and kind of mithai under one roof. Ladoos, peda, kaju katli… A house with a wedding can never ever run out of sweets. Yum, yum!


1 things that happen at every shaadi wala ghar

2. Every room is a bedroom

There is bedding almost everywhere when you step in the house. Extra mattresses are hired and guests are more than happy to find a spot and make it their own.


3. A queue for the loo!

Oh yes! You can sleep anywhere you want but not pee. There are lines to take a leak and the elder relatives get the first go!

4. Dhinchak dhinchak

Aunties will leave no chance to get their dholkis out and start the party. And for us youngsters the music system is always on ‘loudest’! The music in a shaadi wala ghar must never stop! And even the neighbours understand this.


4 things that happen at every shaadi wala ghar

5. Chai and cold drinks

There is always a tray with little cups of chai and cold drinks doing the rounds.


6. Girls be getting pretty

Almost every female in the house can be spotted with a face pack, applying nail polish or running to the nearest beauty parlour. After all, it’s shaadi time!

7. Free for all. Come one, come all!

A shaadi wala ghar is like an open house. Colony neighbours keep dropping in to give badhai. It’s the meet-up point post-work for all the friends and random people are spotted taking a nap. Well, they are actually some far-off relatives you never knew about!


7 things that happen at every shaadi wala ghar

8. Khusar phusar

Ooh, the best place to get the latest dope on all the relatives and friends is the shaadi ka ghar… because aunties!


9. And there is chaos

Because thanks to sooo many people in there, things get misplaced, shoes get lost, utensils get broken and lots more chaos!

10. Drinking every night is legit!

Say yeah! Because drinking becomes an every night thing for the wedding guests. No wonder we love attending weddings so, so much!


10 things that happen at every shaadi wala ghar

11. Smells like genda phool

They are all around the house!


12. Poojas happening throughout the day

Because every relative and every aunty has some new ritual to suggest. You’ll always see some rasam or pooja happening in some corner of the house.

13. You CANNOT ignore the kids

Because they are everywhere. They run up and down stairs while shouting, get caught between people’s legs, dance like maniacs, and generally have the run of the house. And no one seems to care!


13 things that happen at every shaadi wala ghar

14. Ooh, the food!

Three cheers for the halwai who cooks the yummiest chana bhatura and paav bhaaji all day long in crazy quantities… because people just feel a lot more hungry in a shaadi wala ghar!


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20 Jun 2016
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