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Suave And How! 10 Hair Styling Lessons For The Unconventional Bridesmaid

Suave And How! 10 Hair Styling Lessons For The Unconventional Bridesmaid

All fun and games as it might sound, but being a bridesmaid is no child’s play. From constantly being available for the bride to endless planning and execution, there’s just so much that you have to do and look flawlessly fabulous while you are it! I mean you cannot be a bridesmaid and not look the part, right? Picture Katherine Heigl from 27 Dresses hopping from one wedding to another in a single night and managing to look absolutely graceful even in the most questionable of dresses. Yup that perfect!

Now, a girl can hope and today I’d like to think of a time (hopefully soon) in the future when coronavirus becomes a thing of the past and weddings become the gala events that they once used to be. Well, here’s to that hope and also to the contemporary bridesmaid who is suave, sexy, and all things avant-garde. And as we speak of this bridesmaid, while we think that she has certainly aced the outfit department with her draped gowns and ruffled sarees or whatever suits her unconventional spirit, we feel that she can certainly take it up a notch with her mane. 

Petty sure that you are well aware of what we are talking about and are sort of bored with the hackneyed buns and faux curls that have already been done to death. Well, we have scoured the internet and curated a list of hairstyles that are not only refreshingly cool and unconventional but would also make sure to bring out the aura of a bridesmaid that you seek. Intrigued? Scroll through:

Grecian Goddess Vibes With A Twist

A welcome departure from regular Indian inflections that we seek in our festive hairdos, Grecian Goddess-inspired hairstyles can easily make you stand out while helping you with an ethereal look. And while an easy way to invoke this vibe would be to invest in some solid jewels like hairbands and brooches. You can always take it up a notch with a birdcage veil, something that you don’t really get to see at Indian weddings. 

This hairdo will look particularly nice at a day wedding and if you are opting to wear something light in flowy fabrics like chiffon, georgette, or even soft silks. Think of a solid, flouncy gown, or a brocade skirt and crop top. Then again, you can always pair it with a plain saree.

Try On A Statement Headband

If Grecian Goddess is not really your vibe and you seek more of a contemporary look, then might we suggest a classic hair accessory that beats them all? We will totally put our money on a statement hairband that becomes the highlight of your entire look. And from padded velvet pieces to bejewelled beauties, the world is your oyster when it comes to selecting a perfect hairband especially now ‘coz they are having a major moment at sping/season 2020 runways. 


Ponytails for weddings? Groundbreaking! An extremely flamboyant, super high, and a poker-straight ponytail is what we envision here. Here’s a tip: the more dramatic the better! Think of Deepika Padukone’s Peter Dundas look from Cannes 2019 and while we have some really strong opinions about that exaggerated bow, we are all for that sleek ponytail and totally recommend it to channelise some chic vibes. This is a great hairstyle to try with a breezy kaftan look at a mehendi function or even at an elaborate sangeet event for that matter.

Hair Bouquet

Think flowers in the hair are passe? Well, only if you let them be! And no we aren’t even talking about the cliched roses in the bun style, nope! We are thinking more on the lines of elaborate plaits strategically sprinkled and suggestive of an alluring garden. Also, ditch the cultured roses and lilies and go out with delicate wildflowers, in delicious hues and textures.

Hair Meadow

If flower bouquets sound like too much of an effort and especially if you have curly, wavy, or coarse hair, you can just let them be. Add a sprinkling of tiny flowers, slather in some hair spray and don’t mind leaving a few flowers behind wherever you go. Needless to say, this one is not for the faint-hearted but a definite winner if can pull it off.

Ditch Them Flowers

Think flowers are too mainstream for your taste? Well, we have got you covered! For the floral averse, leaf is the new flower and a pretty statement one for that matter. For the uninitiated, leaves in hairdos have a touch of edge about them and that makes them truly exquisite. 

Leaves go beautifully with braided hairstyles and you can try on an effortless look with braids  tied around the head in a graceful updo:

Alternatively, you can also go for an easy variation of the classic fishtail and enhance its beauty with a nice twig.

Braids, Braids, Braids

Braids certainly make for the most versatile hairdo choice given the scope of variety that they present you with. Also, they work from a day haldi to a heavy-duty cocktail night. Braids can literally take you anywhere given the variety you decide to invest your time in. 

Now, while we have certainly been all for bubble ponytails all this while, it’s the braided variation that we are currently eyeing and highly recommend for a dance-driven sangeet night.

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Alternatively, you can also explore the half-bun technique and replace the bun with a braid, add in a statement brooch or even flowers would do for that matter.

Bow? Wow!!!

We are of the belief that there exists nothing as bohemian as bows when it comes to hair accessories and strongly recommend an oversized piece if bows are what makes you go wow!!! Interestingly, while you might think otherwise, this is a hair accessory versatile enough to go with a number of outfits and hairstyles. For Instance, you can try something basic by simply going for a centre parting and loosely twisting and folding your side strands, tie them at the back, and complete the look with a bow barrette.

Or you can try on something more elaborate, perhaps a fish plait and tie it together with a bow.

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To zdecydowanie nie jest mój dzień 🥴 Jakoś nie potrafię się zorganizować, czy zabrać za coś konkretnego. Jedyne rzeczy jakie dzisiaj wyszły spod moich rąk to obiad i spinka z kokardką dla Melushki🙈 No i ten warkocz dobierany, ale fryzjerki to ze mnie nie będzie 😂🙈 Mam nadzieję, że wieczór będzie bardziej produktywny 😉 . A jak Wasze fryzjerskie talenty😉? . Miłego popołudnia i wieczoru 😘 . . #szycie #szyciemojapasja #szycienamaszynie #szycioholik #szyciedladzieci #szycienamiare #szyciowelove #szyjebolubie #mojacoreczka #mojacorka #spinkadowłosów #spinkazkokardką #mojadziewczynka #sewing #sewstagram #sewingproject #sewingfun #sewsewsew #sewersofinstagram #sewingmom #mydaughter #mygirl #sewingforkids #barette #girlsaccessories #akcesoriadowłosów #rekodzielo #ourmakerlife #rekodzielonacodzien #sewnbyme

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Say It With Your Hair, Like Literally

Now as we discuss barrettes, we highly recommend some pin art! Word barrettes are what we have on mind here and we suggest you go all out and make it all about wearing your heart on your sleeves Errr hair. As for the hairdo, you can literally go with anything that you think suits you nicely and then jazz it up with a smattering of barrettes.

Go Khaleesi!

Thought Khaleesi’s hair from Game Of Thrones were everything that hair goals are made of? Well, then you should absolutely give it a go and try on a variation of Khaleesi’s hairdos by going for a variety of plaits and tying them together in a comprehensive whole. 

Now that was some solid hair inspiration, right? 

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13 Jul 2020

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