10 Decor Ideas To Brighten Up That Plain Old Wall In Your Room

Niyati BudhirajaNiyati Budhiraja  |  Jun 22, 2018
10 Decor Ideas To Brighten Up That Plain Old Wall In Your Room

Your empty walls are filled with infinite possibilities that can make a small apartment feel cosy and stylish. This summer, amp up your walls and decorate them by adding lots of colour. Whether you’re an art collector, a nature lover, or a musician, your walls can be customised so that you can be surrounded by the things you adore. Check out these options to add some flavour to your plain walls.

1. Wallpaper Love


Getting ready for a season revamp? Summers are all about bright colours, so add this to your wishlist right now! Make sure to get it done up on your walls by an expert.

Price: ₹11,754. Buy it here.

2. Fairy Lights


Illuminate your room with pretty fairy lights and let them enhance the texture of your wall. You can write something on the wall with these lights (dream, wanderlust, peace) or clip up your favourite photographs on them.

Price: ₹ 399. Buy it here.

3. Floral Wall Decals


Don’t flowers look the prettiest on plain walls? These decals will uplift the mood of your room and turn it into your happy place.

Price: ₹ 789. Buy it here.

4. Polaroid Pictures


Pictures of your family and friends will always put a smile on your face every time you look around the room.

Price: ₹ 5,530. Buy it here.

5. Posters All The Way


It’s time to live your fan moment. Superheroes, actors, bands – you can get them all to share the room with you. Deadpool is a favourite!

Price: ₹ 499. Buy it here.

6. Handprints With Paint


Two things I can’t get enough of summer and metallics! You can beautify your wall with your own handprints.

Price: ₹ 400. Buy it here.

7. DIY Washi Tape


Funky tapes can make your wall look bright and beautiful. Get them in different shades and pattern and try on!

Price: ₹ 550. Buy it here.

8. Artificial Flowers


Stick blooming artificial flowers on your wall that will never die and pretty up your room. Your wall will blossom with these.

Price: ₹ 299. Buy it here.

9. Glow In The Dark Decals


You can get creative with glow in the dark decals and turn your room into your favourite fantasy.

Price: ₹ 300. Buy it here.

10. Love Is Art


This kit is perfect for couples who want to create art while getting intimate. It comes with washable paint, a large sheet, and a white non-allergenic canvas.

Price: ₹ 4,098. Buy it here.

Did you like any of these? Well, it’s time to start revamping your room!