10 Eye Liner Secrets Makeup Lovers Swear By

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Nov 11, 2021
10 Eye Liner Secrets Makeup Lovers Swear By


Where would the world be without eyeliner? Would Ariana even be Ariana without her winged eyeliner? Would Kim Kardashian even have a “natural” makeup look to turn to without her not one, not two, but three eyeliners? It’s a sad, scary place to imagine. But even though eyeliner is an integral part of our makeup routine. There’s one thing for certain: It’s a fickle beast that can throw even the most skilled, stable-handed individuals for a loop, but it will improve your life. There – we said it. Yes, we firmly believe that knowing how to define your eyes with a light, pencil, or gel liner is an important – nay, crucial – life skill. 

There’s just one small admonition. Eyeliner takes time and patience to master – two things we don’t exactly possess in excess. But DW, as today we’re listing down some super-easy lazy girl secrets for applying that Instagram-worthy eyeliner. So whether you have to wade through hours of YouTube tutorials to get your winged eye right or you’re looking to break out of the apply-rinse-repeat cycle – scroll down for our favourite eyeliner tips, lazy-person style. 

10 Super-Easy Lazy Girl Hacks To Apply That ‘Gram-Worthy Eyeliner

Clench Your Toes For Precise Application

Calling out folks with shaky hands: If your hands get shaky every time you apply eyeliner, try clenching your toes. Yup, really! It’s an industry secret among artists with shaky hands.

Keep Pointed Cotton Swabs Handy

Correcting eyeliner mistakes is easy when you use micellar water and pointed cotton swabs, as this combo allows for precision clean up. 

Pay Heed To Eyeliner Formula For Longevity

Thinking of makeup disasters, coming face to face with raccoon eyes come noon is at the top of the list. We suggest using an eye pencil designed especially for the waterline, as they tend to last longer in the waterline than other formulas. Kohl liner or a Kajal is best suited to tight line your eyes. 

But First, Draw That Feline Flick 

The easiest way to nail a cat-eye? Start with the flick first. All you need to do is hold your eyeliner on the outer corner of your eyes. Then, gently trace a small line at a 45-degree angle. Finally, trace your liner along your lid, connect to the wing, and voila! You’ve got yourself a wing. 

Apply In Dashes If You’ve Shaky Hands

Instead of applying your eyeliner in one swift continuous motion, it’s best to create dashes ( with a drawing and lifting motion). Because if you’ve shaky hands, it might cause issues with getting a straight line. Just create dashes until you get from end to end. Then, fill in any spaces as needed. It’s like connecting the dots, but with dashes. 

Open Up Your Eyes With Nude Eye Pencil

Black eyeliners are the MVPs of the eye makeup world, but we would like to make a strong case for its lesser-known sister: nude. A swipe of nude liner along your bottom waterline is not only the easiest technique ever, but it will open up your eyes in an instant. 

Draw A Hook Or Hashtag For A Smoky Outer Corner

Looking for a more precise technique to ace smoky eyes? Draw a sideways “#” sign on the outer thirst of your lid, and then blend it out. Draw a line along with the lash liner first and then create an arch just above the socket and then blend.

Use A Pencil Liner For Softer Looks

Some eyeliner pencils are creamy which allows for easy diffusion and blending to create soft-edges looks. Plus, they also make fantastic bases for layering powder shadows. 

Stop At The Outer Corner For Down-Turned Eyes

If you’re looking to create an illusion of downturned eyes, avoid taking the upper lid liner all the way to the outer corner. We suggest ending your liner about a millimetre away from the natural outer corner of your eyes. 

Consider Your Powder Eyeshadow

If you have oily eyelids and are worried about smudging, applying the eyeliner after powder eyeshadow may help keep the eyeliner in place. If you want to keep the liner buildable and buildable, applying it before eyeshadow may be the way to go. 

It’s time to ace that feline flick!

Featured Image: Instagram