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10 Everyday Fashion Mistakes That Every Girl Should Avoid!

10 Everyday Fashion Mistakes That Every Girl Should Avoid!

Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves and more often than not, first impressions are the last. Dressing smartly doesn’t require you to be a runway regular or a fashion stylist; you just need to focus on the basics with a dash of common sense and you are good to go. We give you a lowdown on some of the most common fashion bloopers which you should avoid…AT ANY COST!

1. Wrinkled clothes

You might be wearing the trendiest shirt of the season but if it’s wrinkled, it loses its charm. Looking scruffy has never worked for anyone (except, well, for Zach Galifianakis). A well ironed shirt will make you look twice as presentable.


2. Too much makeup

Never ever cake your face with too much makeup. Keep it light and dewy during the day and glam and bold for the night. Also pay attention to the color palette and your skin tone. There is nothing less attractive than your arms and face having two tones.

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3. Jewellery overload

It’s never a good idea to wear everything you own, all at once. Stick to one statement piece – earrings, necklace or a bejewelled cuff to complete your look. Also, pay attention to the occasion you are dressing for and accessorize accordingly.

4. Untailored pants

We can’t stress enough on the importance of wearing well-fitted pants. Trousers which are too short, too long or in general not suitable for your frame should be discarded ASAP!


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5. Worn-out shoes

Shoes are as important as the gorgeous outfit you’re sporting. Worn or soiled shoes can totally ruin your look. It is important to invest in a pair of good quality shoes will last long.


6. Matchy-matchy everything

Never opt for the same coloured shoes, bag and dress or top all at once. It is better to go for a complementing shade to offset the overall look. Try pairing a nude coloured bag with a pop coloured or printed outfit for a chic look.

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7. Too much peekaboo!

We understand that you want to look totally glamorous at a party, but wearing a low-cut blouse with a tiny skirt could end up looking a bit too va-va-voom for regular folks to handle. Longer hemlines with low-cut tops and vice versa will make you look sexy yet elegant at the same time. Nothing wrong with leaving something to the imagination!

8. Chipped nails

Well-done nails – fingers and toes – are extremely attractive; they even make sense for hygiene reasons. Chipped nail paints look unruly so it’s better to take them off. It is best to use an alcohol-free remover which is gentler on your nails and doesn’t dry them.


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9. Ill-fitting lingerie

This is one of the biggest fashion faux pas ever. There is nothing more unsightly than wearing a bra which is too tight or too loose for your frame. It’s extremely important to invest in lingerie that is the proper size so that they don’t form an ugly impression under your clothes.  


10. Perfume overdose

A good perfume goes a long way, but too of it can make even your closest friends shy away from your company. Ideally, your scent should be so subtle it can be picked up only by someone at an arm’s length.

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05 May 2016
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