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Shopping For Labels, Shopping For Love: Our All-Time Favourite Designer Bags To Invest In

Shopping For Labels, Shopping For Love: Our All-Time Favourite Designer Bags To Invest In

Sure, diamonds are fine and sparkly and make us go all oooooooh but a girl’s true best friend is actually something more practical but just as luxurious – a designer bag. I mean, can you argue that? Out of all accessories, your bag is something that carries your deepest darkest secrets, is always there for you, and is the one thing you need to take your OOTD to the next level. And a designer bag, especially!

Every woman should save up and spend that hard-earned buck on at least one designer handbag in her life. It’s not just an indulgence, ladies… it is an investment. A Louis Vuitton Neverfull that you buy today, if cared for properly, is going to be a vintage collectible 50 years down the line or even a family heirloom. A designer bag has a story worth preserving – hours and hours of effort and so many future memories in the making.

So, your designer bag has character, yes, but it also grants you some, doesn’t it? Think about it. You spend precious cash on one and that brings you the feeling of independence, which in turn makes you feel confident and poised. Besides being an ego-booster, depending on the bag, you can be anything from flirty to BossWoman for the day… fun, right?  

I know what you’re thinking – “Is it even worth spending on a designer bag that might go out of style in a couple of years?” Don’t worry about whether your bag will still be en vogue 10-20 years down the line because as we have seen for ourselves, fashion comes full circle. So, whether it is a classic or a statement designer bag, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be on the wanted list a few decades into the future.


Designer Bags To Invest In

Out of all the designer bags ever made, there are only a select bunch that passed the test of time and fashion critique. Like every big decision, buying a luxury label handbag also requires planning. You have to calculate how to save up, do price comparisons but most importantly, you have to spend time and effort in choosing the right designer bag to invest in.

Here’s a countdown of our top choices of designer bags to invest in, which are as stylish as they are functional:

1. Classic Chanel Flap Bag

This bag was Coco Chanel’s Eureka moment when in 1955, she grew tired of carrying a regular short-strapped handbag around while also having her hands full with a drink and more. Taking inspiration from WWI soldiers’ packs, she went on to create the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, the world’s first shoulder bag. Yes, ladies, you’ll be a part of an important history lesson by investing in this coveted bag.



Image source: Instagram

Over 63 years later, the bag is somehow even more in demand than it was in 1955. The reason why the Chanel Classic Flap Bag is a 100% worth investing in is that no matter who you are, the range of sizes, colours, textures, patterns is varied enough to suit your personality. Whether you’re a BossWoman or an Instagram influencer, there is at least one variation in their collection which would be perfect for you and your needs. Also, because Chanel keeps upping the prices of their bags, this bag will definitely be worth a lot down the years. You could either sell it or pass it down generations to be loved and cherished for years and years.

Starting price: Approx. INR 2,50,000

2. LV Neverfull

The word on the grapevine has been that this beloved tote bag, which is ‘never full’ was created in 2007 to compete with the Goyard Saint Louis tote. Regardless of the motivation, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull has made its way to the top as one of the most iconic bags by the label. I mean, who wouldn’t bet on a luxurious bag with exquisite craftsmanship (it takes 45 hours to create one), outstanding quality, and enough space to fit your life in it? So much so that to mould around your essentials, the bag is crafted in supple leather with non-rigid sides.


2-louis-vuitton-neverfull-designer-bags-to-invest-in - Copy

Image source: Instagram

And guess what? It is true that the bag, which comes with an attached wallet for your keys, cards, and bills, is also super easy to style. Wear it with your work pantsuit and also rock it with a tee-jeans combination – either way it fits right into your outfit. Suit yourself when it comes to size and material variation as well, the LV Neverfull comes in three sizes, the smallest being PM, then MM, and the biggest would be the GM.

All of this is definitely enough to know that this is one helluva designer bag to invest in, isn’t it?


Starting price: Approx. INR 80,000

3. Fendi Peekaboo

On being debuted on the runway in 2008 for the Spring 2009 collection, the Fendi Peekaboo, designed by Fendi’s Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld, became an instant hit. Named after the popular kids’ hide and seek game, this bag’s highlight is that it is easy to open and shut to ‘peek’ at your essentials and quickly grab what you need. Having said that, it’s all in the details – the clasp by which the side ‘pouch’ is secured is the signature tell of a Fendi Peekaboo bag as is the statement lining that is revealed when the clasp is left open to peek into the bag.

3-fendi-peekaboo-designer-bags-to-invest-in - Copy

Image source: Instagram


You can be as much or less adventurous as you want while picking from the 1000 materials and close to countless colour combinations of the Peekaboo. This Fendi favourite comes in essentially 4 sizes – Large, Regular, Mini, and Micro – but you can also go for the higher-end Peekaboo Essential (or the newer, smaller version referred to as the Essentially).

The bag adds an instant edge to your outfit too – especially your smart-formals. Now, that makes the Peekaboo a great designer bag to invest in, doesn’t it?

Starting price: Approx INR 1,10,000

4. Celine Luggage Tote

A handbag that became a hit in 2010, this Phoebe Philo masterpiece is one of the greatest examples of the modern fashion. The Celine Luggage Tote is an accessory that brings together sheer luxury and also utmost comfort. The ‘It Bag’ in 2012, this celebrity favourite is easy to style and features a design with evident functionality and timeless sophistication. The Luggage tote’s big square body with a slightly wider top has a zipper closure, as well as top handles attached on each side.


4-celine-luggage-designer-bags-to-invest-in - Copy

Image source: Instagram

Be ready to fall in love with the detail on the Luggage tote – the signature leather piping you’ll see on the front, sides, and the extended ‘bat’ wings as well. Available in 3 sizes, Nano, Micro, and Mini, this one reigns supreme on our list of designer bags to invest in not just because of all the space but also thanks to the number of design variations you can pick your favourite from. Some special limited edition or collaborative pieces carry different details and finishings such as calf-hair and bold colour combinations.

P.S. If you’re having trouble choosing between the sizes, go for the Nano, which has been described as the most practical and functional.


Starting price: Approx. INR 1,90,000

5. Lady Dior

When a bag is created to become an iconic one, it mostly goes on to be one – especially when a literal princess falls head over heels for it. Yes, we’re talking about the Lady Dior bag, and yes, Princess Diana was a fan.

In fact, the bag, which was created in 1994 under the name ‘chouchou’ (French translation to ‘favourite’), was renamed in 1996 as a tribute to Princess Di. It’s no surprise that the royal fashion legend carried it for years on end, is it?  

5-dior-lady-dior-designer-bags-to-invest-in - Copy


Image source: Instagram

The Lady Dior is a star athlete in the race of designer bags. Why? Besides the variety of colours, materials, and sizes, the bag also features a unique top stitching pattern, which Dior describes as ‘a network of lines stitched vertically and diagonally to create a precise harmony from which cushions of quilted leather emerge like a scattering of shimmering, faceted diamonds’. Wow, right?

The spell that the ‘DIOR’ charms hanging from the top handle cast is also unmatched. This bag is truly and evidently fit for a princess, so, lucky for you, you can own one too. The Lady Dior is a handbag your daughter would like to pass on to hers as well and for good reason. Make sure you think about which size out of the mini, standard, and large you need and also take a chance on checking eBay for vintage styles.

Starting price: Approx INR 1,75,000


6. Gucci Marmont Metalassé Shoulder Bag

If you’re looking for a designer back to invest in, which is oh-so-chic, will go with literally EVERYTHING you wear and be a vintage treasure 60 years into the future, this is it. The Gucci GG Marmont Metalassé bag is an iconic bag of the present and it has the makings of being one in 2070 too. The celebrated GG buckle has been, since the ‘70s, undoubtedly the biggest, most iconic symbol of the Italian design house that Gucci is.

6-gucci-gg-marmont-metalasse-designer-bags-to-invest-in - Copy

Image source: Instagram

Apart from the buckle and the sturdy structure of the Marmont Metalassé bags, the defining feature is the ‘metalassé’ technique, which is what gives the leather the embossed, chevron-quilted pattern we love. If you’re wondering why you should go all-in for this Gucci handbag, there is more. The fully-lined bags feature hidden magnetic or zip closures and pockets for your smaller essentials. Also, the structures are sturdy but the leather is soft and soothing to touch. To ensure comfort and durability, the bag comes with leather-detail shoulder straps made of brass chain. Fashion AND function, amirite?


Coming to the wearability of the bag, they’re versatile and chic, so feel free to carry it with not only your fancy OOTDs but also your casual outfits. Take a pick from 3 standard sizes (small, medium and large) and also colours such as hibiscus red, mystic white, dark emerald, peacock, fresh yellow, intense pink and, of course, our favourite, timeless black. The fabric and texture options include calf and crocodile leather and also velvet. What’s more, every bag has a different ‘surprise’ on the back of the GG Marmont Metalassé shoulder bags – you’ll find either a GG design or a heart. Sold? Thought as much.

Starting price: Approx. INR 1,80,000

7. Saint Laurent ‘Kate’ Monogram Bag

All the Saint Laurent handbags are named after the founder and designer Yves Saint Laurent’s salad day haunts and muses. So, in a sense, carrying any of the label’s bags, especially a monogram piece feels like carrying YSL’s own little world inside of it. With the revived logo, you’ll find the monogram across the ‘Kate’ chain strap bag in all styles, from the classic black leather to patent glitter to crocodile leather.

7-saint-laurent-kate-tassel-monogram-designer-bags-to-invest-in - Copy


Image source: Instagram

The iconic monogram isn’t the only reason to invest in this designer bag. The flap of our favourite version of the bag flaunts the signature ‘Kate’ metal fringe tassel that adds glamour and drama to this sophisticated shoulder bag. Carry it across your body or on your shoulder, either way, it adds a whole lot of character to your outfit.

Starting price:  Approx. 1,35,000

8. Prada Galleria

The leather the Galleria, Saffiano, is made of was first created and patented by the grandfather of its current Creative Director Miuccia Prada and more importantly, the founder of the Italian design house. The brand’s first bag was also crafted in the same leather in 1913. So, it’s only accurate that the bag is known better as the Saffiano Lux bag.


8-prada-galleria-designer-bags-to-invest-in - Copy

Image source: Instagram

This iconic bag is especially known for its strong leather, easy maintenance, and keeping its shape for years on end.

The leather the Galleria is made of is treated with heat and wax, so it’s very durable and remains practically scot-free, and will hold its classic trapezium shape even with heavy wear. Apart from the low-maintenance material, this Prada bag has a variety of sizes and a timeless design, so, you can be rest assured that it will always be an icon. You see why it is the perfect designer bag to invest in, don’t you? Especially if you are a working professional with lots of meetings to attend and pitches to travel for.


Starting price: Approx. 1,10,000

9. Chloé Drew bag

Now, even though it is a smaller bag, it is one you won’t regret investing in. One of the most popular bags from the brand, this remastered version of the iconic Chloe saddle bag is for you if you have a thing for compact bags that can be carried today dates as well as more formal evening dos. The Drew bag’s defining details include the signature gold lock closure and the ‘pierced’ metal chain strap.

9-chloe-drew-designer-bags-to-invest-in - Copy

Image source: Instagram


The bohemian yet modern style that the brand as a whole is committed to being prominent in the design of this smart bag that will carry your bare essentials everywhere you go. Feminine curves with a masculine and practical top, the bag comes in multiple colourways, fabrics and finishes. Now, you can carry the Italian crafted Drew bag as a crossbody, over the shoulder or just in your hand by doubling the strap and it’ll look just as chic. We recommend getting the nanosize over the mini as it is more practical.

Starting price: Approx. INR 1,17,000

10. Hermès ‘Kelly’

If you were expecting the Birkin to make it to this list over the lesser exposed Kelly, we have news for you. While both the Hermès bags will hold immense monetary value in the future, the Kelly is understated with a timeless design and cleaner lines in comparison to the Birkin.

10-hermes-kelly-designer-bags-to-invest-in - Copy


Image source: Instagram

The French fashion house originally named the bag the Sac à dépêches, which became the ‘Kelly Bag’ after its big moment in 1956 – when fashion icon, actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly was photographed holding it in front of her belly to conceal her pregnancy from the paparazzi – and later in 1977, finally, the Hermès ‘Kelly’.

Another fun fact to prove this designer bag is indeed a credible investment is that each and every Hermès Kelly bag is handmade by a craftsman. It takes over 2600 hand stitches and 25 hours to be created… so, every bag is unique.

This top handle bag is crafted in fine leather and there are multiple colourways and leather variations you can choose from. One catch: the Hermès Atelier in Paris only takes orders twice a year, so you might have to plan your order way ahead and wait and wait and wait for your order to be delivered. But we can assure you that it is going to be worth the wait. If you don’t want to wait, a good option would be to scour the internet for a vintage Kelly bag.


Starting price: Approx. 5,15,000

Affordable Designer Bags To Buy This Season

If you’re also looking to buy on-trend designer bags for the season, here are more affordable options that will only take you a couple of months to save up for! 

1. Chain Reaction

1 stella mccartney bag 3 months

This black marvel has the signature Stella McCartney link chain detail – the only accessory you need to carry no matter where you’re headed.


POPxo recommends: Falabella Purse (Rs 39,000) by Stella McCartney 

2. Say *Cheese*

2 marc jacobs bag 3 months

This Marc Jacobs camera cross-body bag keeps your outfit young and chic at the same time. 

POPxo recommends: Small Snapshot Camera Bag (Rs 36,500) by Marc Jacobs


3. Check It Out 

3 burberry designer bag 3 months

The classic Burberry checks will never disappoint you. This compact crossbody bag will accompany you to all your casual lunch dates. Best to a club with basics.

POPxo recommends: House Check and Leather Clutch Bag (Rs 43,000) by Burberry

4. Face-Off

4 Alice   Olivia bag 3 months


When it comes to accessories, a cool tote bag is something you need more than being just arm candy. The cool cat in you deserves this cute Alice & Olivia tote bag.

POPxo recommends: Appliquéd tote (Rs 43,600) by Alice + Olivia

5. Get Stoned 

5 fendi bag 3 months

Another fun embellished piece to carry to all your nights out at the club or even at a shaadi! That would mix things up, wouldn’t it?


POPxo recommends: Eyes embroidered clutch (Rs 51,000) by Fendi

6. Patch Things Up

6 prada bag 3 months

We’re in love with this off-beat patch detail Prada clutch. Your athleisure outfits are waiting…

POPxo recommends: Badge Enamel Clutch (Rs 35,300) by Prada


7. Python Pick

7 michael kors bag 3 months

Python print is stylish enough as it is. Throw in a few shades of pink and you’re gold. This Michael Kors satchel bag is a unique choice compared to the same-old monogram pieces.

POPxo recommends: Sloan Medium Satchel (Rs 37,000) by Michael Micheal Kors 

8. Cherry On Top

8 anya hindmarch bag 3 months


Cherries are an all-time fashion favourite when it comes to fruit. This mini cherry-print patent tote is giving us 90s vibes, HBU? A sure-shot investment.

POPxo recommends: Red Cherries Rainy Day Tote (Rs 54,200) by Anya Hindmarch 

9. Basic Babe

9 coach bag 3 months

If you want to stick to an elegant basic you can carry to work meetings and dinners alike, go for this spacious Coach shoulder hobo bag.


POPxo recommends: Detacheable Strap Hobo by (Rs 31,400) Coach

10. Sunset Style

10 tory burch bag 3 months

Orange is back and with a bang. Seize the opportunity and invest in this tassel detail Tory Burch cross-body bag. 

POPxo recommends: McGraw Crossbody Bag (Rs 33,400) by Tory Burch 


Life is short, buy the bag.

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06 Aug 2018

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