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Athleisure 101: 10 Comfy Activewear Picks Your Wardrobe Needs This Summer

Athleisure 101: 10 Comfy Activewear Picks Your Wardrobe Needs This Summer

Done with all the home time and can hardly wait for the lockdown to get over so that you can break a nice sweat at the gym? While most of us cannot wait for our lives to resume post lockdown, truth be told, it is hardly going to be the same ever again. And before you sense an ominous tone in that, trust me, I meant that in all the right ways of course. This lockdown is indeed proving to be a great time to retrospect and rethink our lifestyles. And as we go about rebuilding our lives, we anticipate a major departure from mainstream fashion as we know it today.

Celebs and Instagram influencers across the world are swiftly sidelining all the runway trends for the comfort of athleisure. We’d be gravely mistaken if we fail to signpost it as the biggest fashion trend that is sure to rule post lockdown. And the best part: the world of activewear today is as diverse as it gets. Thus to effectively establish our points and make athleisure a cakewalk for you this summer, we have curated a list of ten activewear picks that’ll help you create a wholesome wardrobe for this season. Read on:

Sports Bra

This lockdown is going to get lifted one of these days and well, we are gonna need our almost forgotten bras then. Just the thought makes you feel all icky? Rest assured, comfort clothing is clearly going to rule the fashion scene post quarantine and a good, comfortable sports bra would end up being one of the staples not just for your workout sessions but also otherwise. 


Now while sports bras might be the most practical activewear staple out there, a workout bralette is going to be the most versatile one for sure. Activewear bralettes will keep you cool during the summers by keeping the layers to a minimum. Oh also, when it comes to the fit, bralettes happen to be a little less body-hugging than sports bras and would come to your rescue on days when the heat just feels too much to take. 


For those who like to ditch the sports bra but still seek the perfect form, a bustier seems to be a perfect idea. For-fitting as they are, you can go for a push-up option as well. Not only will they provide you with a nice form but will also keep you aware of your posture while on the go.

Tank Top

Happen to be a fuzz-free, sleeve free kind of a person? Might we suggest some nice, bright tank tops? With all the fashionistas locked inside their homes during the lockdown, the old, forgotten tanks are coming out of the closets and we have loved few trends as dearly as this one.  

Crop Top

Now, activewear and all is fine but a fashionista’s got to keep it chic while she’s at it, right? In comes the crop top! Think of a game of peek a boo by pairing a boxy crop top with your neon bra for your next Zumba session. You can basically keep the fun going without compromising on the comfort at all. Now that’s a win-win right?

Yoga Top

Like to bring your A+ style game no matter what you are up to? A stylish yoga top would be just the right pick for you! Pick a brightly hued number, go for a statement cut and rest assured, you’d be sure to turn heads during the yoga class.

Yoga Pants

Ain’t no activewear wardrobe complete sans some sexy yoga pants and don’t even get us started on the convenience factor of these wonder pants! In fact, if you trace the rise of the yoga pants then one is sure to realise that it has been nothing short of a fashion revolution. From a sweaty workout session to even a dinner date, there remain a few places that haven’t been taken over by the comforts of leggings. And this is exactly why we vouch for their inclusion in your activewear arsenal.  


Now, for the major part of it, there happen to be two kinds of activewear enthusiasts: those who love yoga pants and those who don’t! And while we are all cheers for those who love them tights, we have just the perfect pick for those who can’t bear the idea of wearing body-hugging pants in the summer–shorts! Plus, what better way to show off your sculpted legs after all those workout sessions?

Three-fourth Tights

But wait, before you think that’s it for the bottom wear, here’s more: 3/4th tights! These are convenient, functional, but most importantly, give you the opportunity to show off your colour block socks and that counts for something, right?


Currently being hailed the #1 anti-legging trend among the activewear enthusiasts, this one retains currency for its relaxed fit thus making for the most coveted choice for the conventional dressers. Of-late the style, has been winning over the form-fitting leggings for the sheer convenience of wearing it and does not show signs of losing favour any time soon. 


So ladies, all hearts for some activewear this season?

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20 Apr 2020

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