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Is Something Brewing Between Miesha Iyer & Ieshaan Sehgaal In Bigg Boss 15? Here’s What We Know

Ravina Sachdev  |  Oct 8, 2021
Bigg Boss

 The Bigg Boss house never fails to surprise us. From nasty fights to love triangles—the makers and contestants do their best to keep us hooked to the show. Speaking of the latter, BB 15 might have started just a few days ago but it’s already doing a great job at giving us some major drama. Here’s what’s been happening on the show. 

A few days ago, Miesha Iyer was in the spotlight for her closeness to fellow contestant Pratik Sehajpal. The two were a part of the show Ace Of Space before entering BB and the actress has been quite vocal about dating Pratik in the past. She had also revealed not-so-good things about their relationship, however, the former BB OTT contestant has always maintained that he never dated Miesha. And given their constant fights in the house, things didn’t work out between them. But hold on, before you get disheartened, let us share something interesting with you! 

According to the latest episode of Bigg Boss, it looks like there’s something brewing between Miesha and actor Ieshaan Sehgaal. We spotted the two getting cozy with each other last night and we have to say that they look really cute together. 


Earlier, Miesha was also seen getting close to Simba Nagpal. After Pratik’s big fight with the gharwalas, Simba consoled her and said, “I don’t want to see you in tears because of Pratik anymore.” We were almost convinced about their connection when Miesha told fellow contestant Akasa Singh that she wanted to shift her bed near Simba’s bed. However, it looks like things did not move in that direction for them. 

Here’s hoping we get to witness the start of something special between Miesha and Ieshaan. 

Featured Image: Instagram

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