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Bigg Boss 16 Live Updates: Director Turns Contestant As Sajid Khan Enters The BB House

Kirtana Divakar  |  Oct 1, 2022

Bigg Boss 16 is finally here after a nail-biting wait. We’ve held our breaths in anticipation for this big day and it looks like it’s not going to be disappointing in the least. While we’re sure you’ve already tuned in and watching every exciting bit of the show, you may blink and just miss an update or two. But don’t fret, coz’ we are here to give you all the updates and that too live! So keep refreshing your browser, as we’ll keep you caught up with all the BB 16 happenings. 


9:30 PM: 

Host, Salman Khan graces our screens and begins to introduce the contestants. 

9:35 PM: 

Salman Khan introduces the first contestant, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Former Femina Miss Manipur, she was also in top 10 of the Femina Miss India in 2018. She enters the show blindfolded as she says that she wanted to see his face first before she entered the house. And after she removes her blindfold and sees Salman’s face and recounts her past memories with him. Salman wishes her all the best and wonders if she will manage to survive the controversial show.


9:38 PM:
“People don’t know that I am the real Sardarni, I am a lawyer and I will be pretty tough in the house”, Nimrit said. 

9:45 PM: 

Nimrit enters the BB house and her excitement knows no bounds. Bigg Boss welcomes her and gives her a tour of the house. She is also given a task to allot a bed to every contestant entering the house and give them a house duty.


9:48 PM: 

Salman introduces the next contestant, Abdu Rozik aka Chhota Bhaijaan into the show. He introduces himself and shares that he’s 19 years old and is a singer and boxer. Abdu also reveals he wants to become the captain as he does not want do any work in the house. And both have a hearty laugh.

9:51 PM:

Abdu and Nimrit meet. They make small convo before Nimrit asks him what household chores he wants to do. And he said he’ll help in the kitchen to chop veggies and more.

9:53 PM

Salman introduces the next two contestants, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta. After they enter with the song “Nach Punjaban” song, Salman pulls their leg, makes them do a chemistry test on stage, and has a funny convo with the two contestants before sending them into the BB house. 


9:59 PM

Priyanka and Ankit meet the first two contestants. They introduce themselves and Nimrit asks them where they would like to sleep and what duties they would prefer to do.

10:04 PM

MC Stan is here! The fourth contestant is a Pune-based rapper and says that he wants to detox in the house and also clear his name from many controversies. Salman replies to this comment and says he’s ‘never seen an item’ like him.


10:17 PM

Model-turned-actor Archana Gautam joins Bigg Boss 16. She also shares that she contested for this year’s elections, however she lost. Archana continues to share more about her life and leaves Salman amused with her candidness.


10:23 PM

The next contestant Gautam Vig enters the stage and joins Archana. Salman tries to fool her and says Gautam is actually Hrithik Roshan; but she doesn’t fall for it.


10:30 PM

The episode has just begun and Nimrit has already been schooled by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss said she isn’t performing her task to his exceptions. He further added that she needs to pull up her socks and prove to him that she can be worthy of being given the task.

10:36 PM

Shalin Bhanot gets introduced as the next contestant on the show. He enters with a dance performance and even has a video of him shown to the audience. In the video, Shalin talks about his love for Salman Khan and says that he wants to be the next superstar.


10:51 PM

Actress and model Soundarya Sharma graces the stage with a glamorous entry. Salman plays a guessing game with her and shows her a picture of the next contestant. He asks Soundarya if she thinks the person in the picture looks like the next winner of the Bigg Boss title. She replies with a blunt no. 


10:53 PM

The person in the picture is Shiv Thakare and he is introduced as the next contestant on the show. In his AV he reveals that he was the winner of BB Marathi in season 2. He says he’s come to the BB house so everyone in India knows his name. 

10:58 PM

Nimrit assigns Soundarya’s room in the fire room. And when the latter asks why, Nimrit says it’s because she’s the captain.

11:01 PM

Sumbul Touqeer aka the youngest BB contestant of this year comes onto the stage. She imitates how Salman behaves when he’s angry, bored, and happy. And before entering the house she says though she is the youngest contestant, her dad is her biggest strength and his words of motivation are all she needs to win the show this year. Simbul’s father to her surprise also comes onto the stage.


11:11 PM

Miss India Runnerup Manya Singh comes onto the stage as the next contestant of Bigg Boss 16. She wins Salman’s heart by sharing her struggle story. She also teaches Salman a thing or two about what she learnt while being groomed for the Miss India pageant.


11:20 PM

Drama has already begun in the BB house. When Nimrit assigns a bed and a bed side to Manya, Manya asks her to change the side as she prefers the side close to the bed. Nimrit refuses, leaving Manya visibly upset. And although Archana comes to Manya’s rescue, she is shut down by Nimrit who says they have to do as she says she is the captain.

11:34 PM

Gori Nagori entered the stage and lit the atmosphere of the show with her smile and energetic dance performance. She also teaches Salman a dance step. 


11:40 PM

Actress Tina Dutta from the TV show, Uttaran, enters the show. She also shares that she wants to find a boy on the show as she has been single for a long time. She is also made to answer a few questions


11: 44 PM

Sreejita De makes her entry alongside Tina. Since they have worked with each other for a long time, Salman asks them what they like and dislike about each other. Sreejita says she thinks Tina can be quite dominating at times, while Tina says she gets annoyed with Sreejita when she doesn’t answer her phone.


11:46 PM

Salman shows the audience a video where Sreejita explains why she thinks her co-contestant Tina is dominating. He asks the audience if Bigg Boss is the player or if they are the actual players.

11:49 PM

Another fight unfolds as Nimrit asks Archana to change her bed all of sudden due to lack of space. This creates a rift between the two as Archana refuses to swap her bed with someone else. 

12:02 PM

Sajid Khan, the director enters the show as a contestant. Salman says that even though that they’ve been friends forever, this will not influence his role as a host. Sajid also shares he’s here on the show because he hasn’t gotten work in a while. Salman asks him if this was because arrogance took a hold of him and Sajid was truthful as he admitted it had. He added that he’s here to change that and hopes to become a better person on the show.


12:06 AM

The Bigg Boss 16 premiere wraps up with Sajid entering the house and a teaser of episode 2.

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