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Bigg Boss 16 Episode Highlights Day 1: 5 Reasons Why Season 16 Will The Best One In BB History

Kirtana Divakar  |  Oct 2, 2022

We really can’t tell you how long we’ve been waiting for the first episode of Bigg Boss 16 to grace our screens. We were in need for some entertainment in lives, so of course, Bigg Boss was our go-to show. Now that it’s finally here, we’re more than happy to say that it’s far from disappointing.

From the mixed bag of contestants to the circus-themed house, the entire episode was an absolute blast. And although it was just the start of the season, there were also plenty of drama that kept us glued to the screen from start to finish. Incase you missed out on watching the premier, here are the highlights from today’s episode.


Salman’s Back & How

Truth be told, we didn’t think we’d miss host, Salman Khan as much as we did. As soon as he appeared on our screens, it made us want to jump from our seats. The actor brought his A-game on throughout the episode. And besides introducing the contestants to the audience, he also amused them with charming personality and wit. We hope this fun (and real) side of Salman stays during the rest of the season.

BB Contestants, FTW

Finally, after months of speculation, we were introduced to this season’s housemates. There was an interesting mix of familiar faces including Choti Sardarni aka Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, rapper MC Stan, and singer and boxer, Abdu Rozik. We’re in no doubt these housemates will have us thoroughly entertained during their stay.

Bigg Boss’s Wrath

It rarely happens, but Bigg Boss does reprimand the housemates if they’re at fault. The same thing happened today, when Nimrit was made captain but failed to perform her duties. She was asked by Bigg Boss to assign beds and duties to her co-contestants. As the housemates started to pour in, instead of doing as told, Nimrit asked them for their opinion as she assigned these things. Although we didn’t think Bigg Boss would get angry with her this early on, to our surprise he called Nimrit to the confession room and he schooled her for not performing the task accurately.


Drama & More Drama

It’s only day one and there’s already tons of drama in the house. Nimrit, the house captain butted heads with a couple of the housemates. She got into a tiff with co-contestant Manya Singh, for not allowing her to shift sides on a bed. She also fought with Archana Gautam as she suddenly asked her to swap beds with another contestant as they have more stuff than her. While we sometimes wonder if these contestants are simply creating havoc for some media attention, we can’t deny it was interesting to watch the conflict unfold.

Surprise Contestant

Our jaws dropped on the floor to see director Sajid Khan appear on Bigg Boss this season. However, he won our hearts with his honesty. Sajid was unabashedly candid as he said he entered the show BECAUSE he was idle for years without work. He also admitted that his pride and attitude might have something to do with this. Sajid said he hopes to become closer to the audience once again through the show. And well, we’re crossing our fingers for him too.


Glimpse Of Episode 2

The premier didn’t come at halt before giving us a glimpse of what the next episode holds in store for us. We see that Bigg Boss is making things hard for the contestants from day 1 itself. Sounds super interesting right?

Well, we didn’t expect this much to happen in episode one of Bigg Boss 16. As this is just the beginning we know, there’s so many interesting things yet to come!

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