8 Hilarious Things Only People Who Love Hoarding Makeup Will Relate To

makeup overflowing

Are you one of those people who have tonnes of makeup products that they haven't used in a while, multiple eyeshadow palettes gathering dust, lipsticks (so many of them) that are just stacked up in different boxes? Cause high five, we have a problem with overflowing makeup too.

Shopping for new makeup is always a fab idea but if you believe in owning every makeup product available in the market and usually spend half your salary on new launches, then congratulations my friend as you're a certified makeup hoarder.

Today, we're listing down hilarious things you'll relate to if buying makeup is everything to you so, be prepared to LOL.

8 Things You'll Relate To If You Are A Makeup Hoarder


You Have Lost Count Of How Many Lipsticks You Own

Pinks, reds, corals, nudes-- you have possibly every shade of lipstick available in the market and that too in every finish possible. You're the go-to person when anybody needs a sexy lip colour for an impromptu date-- you're a good friend!

You Go Crazy During The Sale Season

You wait patiently for the price markdown on all your fave products and randomly add products to the cart because "deal acchi hai." 

You usually have more than 2-3 products in your cart just in case there's a sale on them or you were getting bored.

You Click 'Add to Cart' Faster Than You Finish A Bowl Of Maggi

If there's a new product launch, you have to be the first one to try them out. You always keep an eye out on the new brands launching in India and set up multiple reminders on the day of its launch. You are always adding products t your cart, even while on a date!

You Don't Remember The Last Time You Used All Your Makeup

You haven't used all your makeup prodcuts to their full potential as there are only so many products you can use at a time. Most of your products have only been used 2-3 times and are expiring soon.

You Randomly Wake Up At Night Remembering A Makeup Product You Haven't Seen In A While

You wake up at night thinking about a particular makeup product that you swore that you have but haven't seen in a while. Admit it, this happens to all of us.

You're Running Out Of Organising Space

Acrylic drawers, pouches, makeup shelves-- you're constantly ordering new stuff to store your makeup. As much as you love organising your makeup stuff in accordance to the colour schemes, there's barely any space left to store in your newly purchased stuff.

You Don't Know How To Pack For A Vacation

Your stress levels are unmatched when you have to pack makeup for a vacation. You pack more than enough lipstick choices for the entire hotel, multiple highlighters to get your glow on and even the products you barely use because you know, "just in case"!

You're Just Thinking About Makeup...All The Time

Makeup is always on your mind-- whether you're out on a date or attending a meeting. You're constantly thinking about the products you don't have but definitely need, makeup products you're going to buy as soon as the salary gets credited or even products that you need to buy again.

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You said "that's so me" after every point, didn't you?

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