Drama, Gossip & Group Video Calls! 8 Things That People With Two Besties Will Relate To

Drama, Gossip & Group Video Calls! 8 Things That People With Two Besties Will Relate To

Someone once said--friends are the family we choose. Being social animals, it is essential for us to have someone in our lives who we can connect with. And when we find that one person we share a deep bond with, we tag them as our best friends, 'coz they totally get us! Even when no one else does. 

Now imagine having two such people in your life? Wouldn't that be awesome? But let me tell you this, having two best friends is not easy and I speak from experience. It can lead to some truly dramatic situations every now and then. Juggling between your BFFs can also get hectic, but there are moments when you're truly thankful to have two of them. 

So, if you have two besties like me, here are some things you'll 100% relate to.

1. Who Were You On A Call With?

Your bestie's other bestie automatically becomes your BFF but there are moments when things just get out of hands. Don't be surprised if one of your best friends is jealous of the other. And we suggest you brace yourself for all the questions and taunts if that's the case.

2. Bestie Group Chat!

You're truly blessed if your two best friends get along and even more if they're BFFs too. After all, there's nothing better than having a goss session on your Whatsapp group and it also saves you the trouble of having to send the same message to two people!

3. The Crazy Bestie And The Sane Bestie

Both your BFF’s play different roles in your life. While one gives you the best advice, the other has some crazy solutions for when your crush breaks your heart! 

4. You Always Have A Backup

We're all adults and it's not possible to be physically available for our friends all the time. Ugh, adulthood! But if you're like me then you definitely have a bestie to fall back upon when the other one is busy or unavailable. 

5. Double Advice Drama

You totally understand what a real dharamsankat is! Things can get tricky when you turn to your best friends for advice 'coz both of them have different opinions and that puts you in a fix. It's nearly impossible to decide who to listen to.

6. What If I Have To Choose?

Your biggest fear in life is having to choose between your two amazing BFFs. More so because you know it would be impossible to pick one.

7. Did They Both Fight?

God forbid if the day comes when your two besties get into a fight 'coz that’s when you're left alone. You definitely don't want to get in the middle of the crossfire or take sides.

8. You Have A Family!

Even with all the fights and drama and gossip sessions, you know that you have a small family of your own. While you may have moments when you wonder if they like each other more than you, you also know that you're all crazily in love with each other. 

They may annoy you and drive you insane but you wouldn't give up your BFF's for anything in the world!

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