So Confusing! 7 Things You'll Relate To If You Have A Crush On Your Brother's Friend

So Confusing! 7 Things You'll Relate To If You Have A Crush On Your Brother's Friend

Did you ever notice that Ross was quite comfortable with the whole idea of dating his sister's BFF, but was extremely pissed when Chandler was dating Monica? Interestingly, some of the most popular shows like How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory have elaborated on how dating your brother's friend is quite a risky business. We are talking about pretty confusing relationship dynamics here because brothers are way too protective about their sisters. Also, you may end up second-guessing all the time if your bro's friend is actually into you or is just pally with you because he treats you like a kid. However, despite the odds, falling for your brother's BFFs or having a crush on them is way too common.

7 Things You'll Relate To If You Have A Crush On Your Brother's Friend

We are mostly made to believe that our brother's friends are off-limits when it comes to our dating lives. And TBH, that makes us want to date them even more! Well, Selena Gomez has said it already—Heart Wants What It Wants, and we're not questioning that. So, if you have already fallen for your bro's friend or have had in the past, you will find these instances quite relatable.

The Brother Must Not Know

You don't want your brother to know about your crush. Especially at the beginning when you're not sure about your feelings either. You never really know how your sibling will react! Will he find your affection towards his friend amusing? Will he start planning your wedding? Who knows?! Honestly, you really don't want so much drama in your life.

But Brother Knows The Best

Extracting information from your brother about your crush's life without letting him know about your feelings is definitely fun. And think about it this way, it spares you from all the online stalking!

He's Not That Into You...Or Is He?

The real dilemma begins when you have to guess whether your crush likes you back. You never know if he's smiling at you because you are his friend's li'l sis or because he actually has a soft spot for you. And figuring that out is even more complicated than finding the value of X in a math equation. Honestly, just ask and spare yourself all the confusion ladies!

Jeez Mom, I'm Not Calling Him Bhaiya!

That awkward moment when you are expected to call your elder brother's friend bhaiya! OMG, that's annoying AF! Because the moment you refuse to do that, everybody in your family knows! Yep, even that friend knows that you are smitten with him and your brother is rolling his eyes somewhere in the corner now. *So embarrassing* 

The Art of Subtle Flirting

The confusion and chemistry are too much to handle and the healthy flirting doesn't help either. But it's still fun, right? Especially when he flirts back! Well, that's your cue to make the first move.


If your brother, his friend (aka your love interest) and you are BFFs, then it doesn't really get better than that. From fun trips to family gatherings, you have two wonderful men by your side all the time and that pretty much guarantees that you will never have a dull moment in your life. Isn't that amazing?!

Your Brother Will Always Be On Your Team

One of the greatest perks of dating your brother's friend is that your sibling can always be an amazing third wheel in your relationship. He will resolve your fights when need be and will also be on your team.

Hey bro, need to go through your friend list to find a potential BF!

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