Want Healthier Hair? Here's A Guide On How To Brush It Properly

Want Healthier Hair? Here's A Guide On How To Brush It Properly

Brushing your hair may feel like the most mundane and everyday task but there's actually a proper technique involved in doing it. Most people actually don't know how to do this correctly at all. So, if healthy hair is what you're after, then there's a whole lot more that goes into combing your hair than haphazardly brushing it out every now and then.

Yes, There's A Correct Way To Brush Your Hair & We're Giving You The Deets

Choose The Right Brush

Many people use a round or a metal hairbrush to work through their hair but actually, brushes are made only for drying your hair. If you use them to comb through your tangles, they're going to cause breakage. Your best bet is to use a tangle teaser or a comb with staggered teeth which will help take the knots out without ripping the strands.



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Start From The Bottom And Move Upwards

Even though you save time if you start combing your hair from the top, you do risk pulling your follicle out of its root. Hence, start at the bottom and first separate your hair into sections and brush each layer one by one until your strands are smooth and silky.


Don't Comb Wet Hair


We're pretty sure you've heard this one before but do not comb wet hair. This can cause major damage to your strands and weakens your hair shaft. Use a wide-toothed comb to slick your hair back if you're in a hurry post your shower. This is less likely to cause breakage.



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Clean Your Hairbrush

We really mean well when we ask you to use this as your reminder to wash your hairbrush. All the fallen hair, product residue, and scalp debris gets collected on it and makes it kind of gross. So, cleaning it at least twice a week should be a part of your routine. Just remove the excess hair and soak the brush in a mixture of hot water and a clarifying shampoo for a few minutes and then leave it to dry. Your hair won't become as greasy!



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Brush Through Twice A Day

Over-brushing or under brushing your hair could be a huge problem. Combing through your hair actually has a whole lot of benefits like distributing natural, healthy oils throughout your strands. This stops your scalp from looking greasy and gives a high-shine finish to your locks. Ideally, you should be brushing your hair twice a day but if you have extreme tangles then taking them out throughout the day is a good idea to reduce breakage.

So, happy hair and happy you!

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