Breathe In, Breathe Out: Facial Massages That Will Help You De-stress During Isolation

Breathe In, Breathe Out: Facial Massages That Will Help You De-stress During Isolation

It's a trying time for all of us. Grief and anxiety are mounting up and the uncertainty of everything is terrifying. On top of all this, living in isolation away from our loved ones is frightening. So, one thing to do right now is to understand the things you have control over and the things you don't. You have control over staying indoors, staying safe, and looking after yourself. What you don't have control over is everything else. 

One way to destress is by taking out time to look after yourself. So, if you've been feeling overwhelmed by everything around you, we suggest taking out ten minutes in a day and giving yourself a facial massage. This is very relaxing and can help release muscle tension. So, today we're taking you through how to give yourself a quick and easy facial massage at home.

How To Do A Face Massage At Home


Ease Your Forehead

Start by placing your fingers in the middle of the forehead and keep your elbows out and press firmly. Then glide the fingers together with slight pressure towards the temples and press and release. This relaxes the tension in the forehead and repeat thrice.

Your Eyes Need De-puffing

If you feel like your eyes have been strained a lot lately cause of excessive workload or scrolling on Instagram all day, de-puffing your eyes is extremely important. Use your index or middle finger and press between brows, this spot is where people believe is the 'Third Eye'. Press over the eyebrows and around the eyes, returning to the centre. Use your fingers to trace an 'S shape' between your brows and repeat thrice. 

The Sinus Area Needs Attention Too

Use your index or middle finger again beside each nostril and press and release. Then slide it under the hollow under the cheekbone and press it gently. Glide it towards the ear on each side and press lightly in the hollows right beside the ear. Repeat thrice. This will help with lymphatic drainage and boost blood circulation. 


Finally, Relax Your Jaw

The last step of the facial massage routine is to relax your jaw. If you clench your jaw then you know that you hold a lot of tension in your jawline. Did you know that you could actually have severe teeth damage by simply grinding your teeth or clenching the jaw. Start at the chin and make small circles upward along the jawline till just below the ear. Gently press and move your fingers down the neck to your collarbones to help with lymphatic drainage. Repeat this movement thrice.


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Products That Will Enhance The Face Massage

Face massages can obviously just happen with your fingers but using face oils, moisturisers, and face massaging tools can take them to the next level. Here are our recommendations. 

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Guys, stay safe, eat nutritious food, and look after yourself. We're in this together.

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