Love Your Twins! 5 Easy Ways To Give Your Boobs The Pampering They Deserve

how to look after boobs

Boobs, hate them or love them - you have to live with them. Like you would look after the skin on your pretty face and booty, you should do the same for your twins. Neglected skin on the breasts is bound to look and feel flaky, dry and rough. To make sure that your skincare game is strong all over your body, here are 5 ways to show 'em boobs more love. 

5 Ways To Show Your Boobies More Love

Follow these golden tips for firmer and softer boobs!

Slather On Sunscreen

Do you think UV rays only limit themselves to your face, hands and feet? Of course, not! If you're wearing a sports bra, a bikini or just a plunging neckline top, it's going to reach the chest and cause skin damage there too. Post moisturising, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your boobs. This will prevent the skin from cell damage, tanning and premature ageing


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Exfoliate & Repeat


After a sweaty workout sesh, don't just change into a new set of clothes. Make sure that you wash and exfoliate your boobs soon after the workout. This helps to remove dirt, sebum and oil build-up from your pores. Choose a body wash that contains salicylic acid as it will keep the acne at bay. 

Keep Them Soft With Cream

After moisturising your face, do the same for your boobs. The skin down there is prone to drying out due to temperature change and clothes friction. Hence, to prevent them from sagging and feeling rough, apply a generous layer of body lotion or a thick moisturiser. Preferably one that's loaded with nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E, avocado extract and shea butter. A serum works best for lightweight hydration!


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Dry Brush Them From Time To Time

Do you know that dry brushing helps to exfoliate the skin? It sure does! It also helps to promote blood circulation in the chest region too. As far as your boobs are concerned, dry brushing will also help drain stagnant lymph fluid and subside swelling if you have any there. 

Spray Them With Cold Water


With the help of a hand shower, splash some cold water on your boobs in circular motions. This method helps to stimulate blood circulation and promote cellular exchange. Not to mention, tighten the tissues of your breast by making them firmer. 


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And that's how you show your boobs some love! Whatever you do for the skin on your face, do the same for your boobs. After all, skin is skin, and it deserves to be treated equally. Cheers to softer, happier and healthier boobs!

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