Serum Cocktailing Is The Latest K-Beauty Trend That Every Skincare Junkie Will Love!

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Don't you just love watching a mixologist at work, creating delicious and beautiful cocktails for you to enjoy? The idea is not to mix all kinds of ingredients but carefully selected ones to create the perfect drink for you.

In the skincare world, you can be the mixologist by creating a unique concoction by combining two or more facial serums to maximise benefits. Yes, we are talking about serum cocktailing that has every skincare fanatic jumping with joy. So, let's know more about this trend.

What Is Serum cocktailing?


If you follow a multi-step skincare routine, chances are that you are already layering your skin with multiple serums. But that's not what serum cocktailing is! Answer me this- does the bartender add ingredients one by one or does he first mix them properly in a shaker? There it is- you know what it essentially is.

With that being said, here's how you can try serum cocktailing!

Step 1: Collecting Your Serums

The first step is to gather all your skincare serums. Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, etc- there are so many products you can use!

Decide why you need need to mix these formulations together and then choose your serum selection. Is it to get rid of acne, fade away scars or add some hydration to the skin?

Some serums are milder than others (soothing serums, hyaluronic acid) while others have exfoliating properties (glycolic, salicylic acid). So make sure you are not mixing two 'extreme' serums as it can cause an allergic reaction or worse, skin purging.

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Step 2: Time To Mix It Up

The next step is to mix all your serums!

Keep in mind that some serums are more powerful than others which is why you need to be extra careful in choosing your worthy allies. For eg, mixing retinol with any kind of serum can react poorly to the skin as it is really mighty on its own.

Additionally, you cannot mix water-based serums (such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C) with oil-based serums (such as anti-ageing serums) as ultimately water and oil don't well together.

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But what you can do is mix similar serums together; niacinamide with salicylic acid, a soothing serum with hyaluronic acid, or niacinamide with glycolic acid.

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Step 3: Let's Apply

Once you've mixed your serums, it's time to apply them to your skin to maximize skincare benefits. The idea is to start small- by combing only two serums to see if they're working.

If that irritates your skin in any way, here's what you can do. Instead of mixing your ingredients all together, rotate them; use different serums on a different day to maximize benefits and address various issues such as acne, ageing, or even hyperpigmentation. This will make sure that every serum has its own moment and doesn't lose efficacy when you mix it with other contenders.


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Who is ready to add skincare mixologist to their resume?

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