Bakuchiol Is The Trendiest Skincare Ingredient On The Block & Dr Shetty Tells Us Why

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When it comes to skincare ingredients, there are so many to play with. Niacinamide, Squalane, Mandelic Acid, Ceramides AHAs & BHAs- can you keep up with them all?

Keep all those aside for some time cause there's a new ingredient doing the rounds and it's called Bakuchiol. So, we got in touch with Dr Sushant Shetty, MD Medical Operations at Kaya Skin Clinics to tell us everything you need to know about this buzzing ingredient. Scroll on to know why this ingredient has everyone talking.

What Is Bakuchiol?


If you wish to enjoy the miraculous benefits of retinol minus the irritation it causes on the skin, then you need to try Bakuchiol-infused products. It is a gentle, plant-based alternative to retinol that has notable skincare benefits.

Dr Shetty says that multiple studies have shown that the mode of action of Bakuchiol is similar to that of Retinol. But unlike retinol, it does not cause the skin to react or peel in any form. Amazing, right?

Benefits Of Bakuchiol

Did you know that Bakuchi (Sanskrit for 'of the plant') oil aka Bakuchiol is a compound extracted from the Psoralea Corylifolia plant? Turns out, it has various skincare benefits:

- Visibly reduces wrinkles

- It a natural antioxidant

- Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

- Reduces the appearance of acne

- Fades away pigmentation

- Evens out the skin tone

Truly checks out all the right boxes, right?

Why Is Bakuchiol Referred To As The ‘Plant-Based Retinol’?

The question we all need an answer to!

It has become extremely popular thanks to its anti-wrinkle properties. While it isn't necessarily an anti-ageing ingredient it does help fight-off wrinkles and fine lines. And unlike retinol, it doesn't make the skin peel or feel irritated. 

Dr Shetty has a simple explanation of why it is called plant-based retinol. He says that due to its ability to improve the fine wrinkles of the face and other changes due to radiation, it is known as plant-based and not true retinol.

At What Age Should We Start Using It In Skincare?

There is no specific age group when we can start using the compound. Naturally, it can be used after the age of 18 if one were to consider it as preventive or post 40 when considered as corrective.

It Is Safe For Everyone To Use Or Do We Need To Do A Patch Test First?

Yes, it is very safe for all to use. A patch test is always good to do because an allergy is something very individualized. One must remember that you may not be allergic to Bakuchiol but one could be allergic to other products mixed. So it's better to not mix it with other active ingredients and reap its benefits solely on its own.

What Are The Dos And Don'ts When Using Bakuchiol In Skincare?

There are no specific dos and don’ts when using Bakuchiol. It can be used on skin types as it is mild and the direct sun exposure doesn't cause any harm to the skin. However, the complete product formulation of different brands needs to be taken into consideration when looking into the specific dos and don’ts. Just do a patch test before starting out and hope for the best!


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Are you beauties ready to give this ingredient a try?

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