Team POPxo Talks About Their Experiences With Fake Makeup Products & They're Not Pretty!

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Everybody wants to get their hands on the latest, most amazing makeup products, right? However, shopping for makeup online can be pretty tricky as you can never know if the products are real or not! And if you have ever bought 'expensive' makeup for as low as Rs 500, then chances are that you're using a fake one. And trust us, you're not the only one. Team POPxo talks about their experiences with fake makeup products and it doesn't sound pretty!

Team POPxo Reveals If They've Ever Tried Fake Makeup


At some point, many of us have had tried (knowingly or unknowingly) fake makeup. Whether we bought it just out of curiosity or didn't realise that it was fake until it was too late. We've all been there. Yup, even my fellow, gorgeous colleagues!

Don't Kohl Me, Ever!

The only way I’ll be using a fake makeup product is over my dead body! This one time I ordered Lakme Eyeconic Kajal from Amazon (such a mistake!) because I ran out and needed a new one ASAP. I was in my hometown where I knew I wasn’t going to find the original deal. So, I took a risk, and guess what? It was a fake one! It’s safe to say that Amazon faced my wrath (it wasn’t a pretty sight) and now I only order makeup from trusted sites.

- Janvi Manchanda, Writer

Huda That Wasn't Such A Beauty

Before Huda Beauty officially launched in India, I was desperate to get one of her liquid matte lipsticks. Call it intentions, but I randomly found one at a cosmetic store in Malad. Of course, it was fake! But from afar, it looked like the real deal. I bought it on a whim for Rs 350 just and was taken by surprise! Now that I have a bunch of original liquid matte lipsticks from Huda Beauty, the fake one wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be. Sure, the shade looked off, but the texture and packaging were almost identical. Will I buy it again? Not in this lifetime.

However, I can tell you why the fake ones sell like hotcakes. They're cheap and fit well in the budget of college-going girls. However, the fake product may contain poor quality ingredients that can be harmful to the skin. That's the only gamble one must be willing to take when settling for any product fake beauty product.

- Sharon Alphonso, Senior Beauty Writer

Definitely Erased All My Respect For Shopping Stuff Online

Once I made the mistake of shopping for The Makeup Eraser Cleansing Towel from Amazon (before the brand launched in India) and never have I ever regretted a beauty purchase more. Even though I washed the towel before using it, it was way too harsh on my skin. The original one is supposed to be a fleece-y material but this was way too abrasive. Also, after 5-6 washes, it started fraying in places. What hurts more than anything is that I paid double the price for it.

-Drishti Kapadia, Senior Beauty Writer

Thankfully, I'm A Little Sane Like That!

My skin is super sensitive and I am convinced that using a fake makeup product will be the death of me. Which is a reason solid enough to steer clear of unbecoming merch. It helps that I am too lazy to incorporate more than the most basic items (lipstick and eyeliner) so there’s really no requirement to go that particular route.

-Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Fashion Writer

That's The (Cheap) Price You Pay For Luxury!

Chanel has to be my fave brand in the world! And back when I had just started earning, owing a Chanel makeup product was my dream! I came across this product listing for a Chanel lipgloss on eBay and I got so excited. The reviews were all positive and on top of all that, the images that they're shared were of real lip glosses (I did my research) and I ordered it.

When it came after 2-3 days, all I wanted to do was scream. The lipglosses were obviously fake and looked nothing like the product images. I wouldn't blame it on anybody else but me. Seriously, what was I expecting for a Chanel gloss that was 'available' for only Rs 600?

- Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer

Although shopping for fake makeup products might seem like a good idea to 'show off' on the 'Gram or even to make your collection look even bigger but trust us, it's all kinds of wrong. Not only the quality is bad but it may also contain harmful ingredients such as faeces, rat droppings, mercury, cyanide, aluminium and even glue.

Either shop for only original products or find its dupes.

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