How Wand-erful: Different Types Of Mascara Wands Every Beauty Lover Should Know About

girl applying mascara

But first, mascara!

Imagine this, you spend close to two hours perfecting your makeup look. From contouring to outlining your lips, you've done it all. But something feels incomplete. You apply two coats of your fave mascara and suddenly it all makes sense.

Applying a good mascara can make all the difference. Probably why lash extensions are *so big* RN. But how do you choose which mascara to buy? Because trust us, not all mascaras are the same. Some help make your lashes look longer than your dating life while others add volume. And if you ever wondered about different types of mascara wands and what they do, then keep on reading!

Types Of Mascara Wands

If applying mascara is your fave part of doing makeup, then you're in for a treat as today, we're discussing what kind of mascara wand should you be choosing. After all, lashes make everything better!

C-Shaped Wands

Meant For: Curling

Curved mascara wands are amazing to curl our natural lashes. Its concave, C-shaped wand helps distribute the product evenly on the lashes while curling them a little. After you're done with your eye makeup, apply mascara gently in an upward position. Just use an eyelash curler for that extra zhush and then apply your mascara and voila, an instant lash lift!

You can also apply it only on your lower lashes to make your eyes look bigger! 


ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl-Fix Mascara - 01 Black


Make Up

Maybelline New York Hypercurl Mascara Waterproof

INR 202 AT Maybelline

Thick Wands

Meant For: Adding Volume

Thick AF mascara wands are meant for one thing, adding that va-va-volume to your lashes to make 'em look fuller! The mascara bristles are usually densely packed so that they can collect the maximum product and coat your lashes with it.

The formula usually is thicker than most mascaras yet creamy so that your lashes don't look like spider legs when you use it. You can also use it on your brows to define them.


Maybelline lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

INR 830 AT Maybelline


Twist It Mascara

INR 645 AT MyGlamm

Long/ Spiral Wands

Meant For: Lengthening

Think of long wand mascaras as a comb for your lashes. They help separate and define your lashes, while adding length to your lashes. The mascara wands are usually spiraled or curvy which allows the lashes to curl and look 'longer' as you apply them.

So if you've got long lashes on your mind, then choosing a lengthening mascara is what you should do.



Chambor Infinite Lash Lengthening Mascara Black

INR 795 AT Chambor

Benefit They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

INR 1,707 AT Benefit

If you're bored with your regular black mascara, then you can always try a coloured or clear one. As the name suggests, clear mascara is a transparent product that helps add volume, while not looking clunky on the eyes- perfect for that no-makeup makeup look.

On the other hand, coloured mascaras are amazing to add a pop of colour to your lashes and really amplify your entire eye makeup!


Wet N Wild Mega Clear Mascara - Clear

INR 299 AT Wet N Wild


Pure Color Envy Lash Multi-Effects Mascara - 06 Orange

INR 2,500 AT Estee Lauder

So, which type of mascara are you planning to buy next?

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