8 Gram-Worthy Transparent Manicures To Bookmark Before Your Next Appointment

See-Through Nails

Bored of neutral nail manicures? Same pinch! This March, there's one nail art trend that's going to blow up on the 'Gram. Any guesses? Yes, it's see-through nails! They are acrylic extensions that are designed to mimic the look and feel of glossy plastic. To beautify the manicure, you can also add accessories like floral prints, nail stickers or tiny precious stones. Should you get your nails done this month, take a screenshot of these gorgeous translucent plastic nail designs that could inspire you! 

See-Through Nails Will Be All Over The 'Gram This March!

We bet you'll want to see-through your nails all day! 

The Rainbow High

These long, colourful rectangular nails are bound to make heads turn. They're aesthetic, neat and oh-so-bright! Definitely, a manicure design to sport when you want to lift your spirits. 

See-Through Matte

While this cobalt blue nail manicure looks great as it is, you could stick tiny metallic studs in the middle of the nail to make your manicure pop!


LIT Matte Nail Enamel - Bye Felicia

INR 220 AT MyGlamm

Jelly Belly Nails

Don't these colourful nails look like jelly beans? Sigh! Only if they were edible in real life too! While pointy nails look cute, they are high maintenance and can easily break. Try giving your nail a square look to make life easier. 

Crystal Clear

Simple yet beautiful. To make this manicure look more glossy, apply transparent polish to your nails. If you have long nails, you don't have to opt for acrylics nails. Just apply a nail strengthener first and then a coat of transparent polish - and you're done. 


O.P.I Start To Finish Base & Top Coat Strengthener

INR 1,095 AT O.P.I

Like A Marble Slab

Doesn't this nail art design resemble slabs of marble? They're indeed pretty cool! They've got a smokey black look to them that makes them look so freakin' hot! 

The Sky Is Blue

Clear cloud nails look so dreamy, right? You don't always have to paint your nails blue. You could try other shades of the sky such as orange, pink or lavender as well. 

Make Up

Wanderlust Chrome Matte Nail Polish - Blue Lagoon

INR 292 AT MyGlamm

Water Wave Nails

Do you miss the view of the ocean? We feel you. That's why we've recommended this water wave nail manicure. You can go for shorter nails, but this manicure design looks the best when the nails are kept long. 

Sea Glass Nails For The Win

Sea glasses are tiny ocean treasures. They're colourful and precious. This nail art design is bound to bring back good memories of the ocean. 


Wanderlust Sand Matte Nail Polish - Macaron

INR 290 AT MyGlamm

Which of these see-through nail art designs did you fancy the most? We're lovin' all of 'em!

Feature Image: Instagram