Nagin Dance, Open Bar & Siyappa! 8 Things That Happen At Every Punjabi Wedding

Nagin Dance, Open Bar & Siyappa! 8 Things That Happen At Every Punjabi Wedding

If we're being honest, Punjabiyan di battery charge rehndi hai, more so when there's a shaadi in the house. When wedding season is upon us, we're going to be coming across loads of epic Punjabi weddings. And we all know that Punjabi weddings are well known for various reasons. From all the chaos to the endless rishtedaars to overflowing alcohol, Punjabi weddings have a lot to offer. 

We love Bollywood weddings and if you think they're awesome, you probably haven't seen a Punjabi wedding. If you still have any doubts, read on to find out all that madness that happens at every Punjabi wedding ever. And we're sure you'll want an invite to do some balle balle and maro some thumkas at a wedding after reading this. 

1. Oh The Guest List!

We can say this with a 100% guarantee that the guest list is longer than Rapunzel's hair! Punjabi's invite nearly the entire pind if their sohni kudi or sohna munda is getting married. 

2. Open Bar Is Must

They could have a river of alcohol flowing at the wedding. No Punjabi wedding is complete without an open bar and at least a few drunk rishtedars. And if there's no car-o-bar, then people will be getting drunk post the pheras.

3. Dance Wala Glass

This is every Punjabi wedding ever. There will be that one odd rishtedar who will get drunk and dance with a glass or a daru ki botal balanced on their head. And we're still wondering how it just never falls!

4. Siyappa!

A Punjabi wedding is incomplete without some drama in between. So there will be that one chacha or taya ji who will be upset about something or the other while everyone else tries to calm them down.

5. Baari Barsi

Some folk music, some Punjabi music and some Bollywood masti, and you'll find everyone on the dance floor. The world could be ending but the Punjabis aren't going to stop dancing.

6. Bling Shling

If you are planning to attend a Punjabi wedding, we suggest you find the blingiest piece of clothing to wear because we take fashion very seriously. You can't be wearing something simple and boring at a Punjabi shaadi.

7. It's Raining Money!

All the people on the dance floor will have some rishtedar throwing money on them and don't get offended because it's just their funny way of appreciating your moves. 

8. Loud But Sweet

Everything from the venue to the people is going to be really really loud but they're also the sweetest people to be around. In case you run out of space in the hall or rooms, they'll always make space for you and make sure that you're comfortable. 

So, if you still haven't gotten that invite to a Punjabi shaadi, we suggest you call up your Punjabi BFF stat!