Team POPxo Tells Us About Their Biggest Makeup Fails So Get Ready To Seriously LOL!

team popxo shares their worst makeup mistakes

Today, let's talk about horror stories, makeup edition!

Doing makeup and clicking selfies is all fun and games until you decide to look back at the photos and go- what was I thinking? Trust us, it happens to the best of us. Yup, even celebrities!

Whether it's attempting to do a quick cat-eye or accidentally your rubbing your eyes while you had kajal on- there are so many ways a makeup disaster is waiting to happen. Today, Team POPxo is sharing their horrific makeup mistakes that still keep them awake at night. 

Team POPxo Shares The Worst Makeup Mistakes They Regret Making


Admit it, we have tried to channel our inner beauty guru at some time, only to realise that it may not have been the wisest choice. With that being said, here are some makeup mistakes that Team POPxo definitely regrets making.

Lips Don’t Lie || Kanu Priya

Every time I watch a makeup tutorial on Instagram, the inner painter in me gets super excited. Recently I was watching a video where the beauty guru was outlining her lips using a lip liner to make them look bigger and fuller. And guess what, I decided to try it. Long story short, it was a disaster!

I don’t think I did anything wrong per se, I mean I outlined my lips correctly but, I don't think this method is meant for all face types. I have a small face and making my lips look bigger just didn't work. You could legit spot my lips from miles away. What can I say, I like attention but that so much also!

-Kanupriya, Content Writer


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Drag Race Ready || Khushboo Sharma

Vividly remember trying on an exaggerated eye makeup look for a college event and looking like one of the less sassy contestants from RuPaul’s drag race. From the awkwardly angled eyeliner to the in-your-face eyeshadow, everything went really really wrong that day. Eight years since then and I still shudder from the thought of smoky eyes and glitter shadows. If only I could undo that day! 

-Khushboo Sharma, Senior Writer



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Glitter Gadbad || Janvi Manchanda

So, I’m not all that bad with makeup but I’m no pro either. I still have a long way to go and I’d been eyeing this glitter eyeshadow for a really long time so I decided to go for it. It had a nice powdery texture and I thought that it'll be easy to use on my lids. Turns out, it wasn't!

I made the mistake of doing my eyeliner first and then the glitter shadow and I made a total mess. I got glitter on my eyeliner, under my eye, and a little around my face. I tried to clean it up but undoing glitter is practically impossible as we all know that but it was a good learning experience. It would be safe to say I’ve managed to learn how to do it right now. God save my soul. 

- Janvi Manchanda, Writer 

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Black Lipstick Gone Wrong || Sharon Alphonso

When it comes to black lipstick, always choose a matte formula, guys! I learned this the hard way at one of our college Halloween parties. To go with my witch costume, I wore this creamy black lipstick. It stayed put for a couple of hours until I took a bite of food. Not only did the black lipstick transfer to my food, but it was all around my lips too. Touching it up didn't help either - it just made things worse! I ended up with lipstick all over my lips, face and food. Such a facepalm moment, I tell you!

- Sharon Alphonso, Senior Beauty Writer


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Zombie Bride || Aayushi Pareek

If you know me at all, then you know that I LOVE my pinks and reds!

For my birthday, I had treated myself to a liquid lipstick set by Tarte Cosmetics which also had nude lipsticks. And since I had never tried a nude shade before, I decided to wear one of the shades to my office. I was getting late so I thought that I'll do my makeup in the Metro. Since I was not carrying a mirror, I used the black screen of my phone to apply my new nude lipstick.

When I looked at myself in the mirror after almost two hours, all I wanted to do was scream. My lips looked so bad. The nude shade wasn't flattering at all. In fact, it looked as if I dipped my lips in off-white paint because it looked so washed out. And to think that I was wearing that shade for so long and so many people saw me like this. Cringe level: max!

- Aayushi Pareek, Beauty Writer


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As Hannah Montana once sang, "Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days!"

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