Say Goodbye To Chip Chip: Simple & Effective Skincare Routine For Oily Skin In The Summer

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Summers are awesome, right? Not for people with oily skin. Having oily skin in the summer can be a lethal combination all thanks to sebum glands that are in overdrive and the sweat that accumulates on them. However, if you skip applying a daily moisturiser because you think the natural oils on your skin make up for it then think again. Oily skin actually requires a well-thought-out and planned skincare regimen and today, we're going to give you just that.

Trust us, with the right products, your oily skin will start looking fresh at all times. 

Easy To Follow Skincare Routine For People With Oily Skin


Start your morning skincare regimen with a mild cleanser that removes dirt and is non-comedogenic in nature. Since oily skin is more prone to pimples, choose a cleanser that has anti-acne agents such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil.


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If you have oily skin, then never skip on applying toner. The active ingredients help keep the oil secretion in check while minimising the appearance of pores. After washing your face, pour a few drops of toner into a cotton pad and dab it lightly into your skin.


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Since you'll be layering your skin with it, choose a light-weight moisturiser that is specially formulated for oily skin. A water-based moisturiser is a classic summer staple and will not feel heavy on the skin. If you do not apply any moisturiser, your skin will produce more sebum than required, causing you to breakout. 


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As opposed to what some people may think, you have to wear sunscreen every day- even if you're indoors. Layering your skin with SPF is really important, so instead of choosing a heavy sunscreen, choose a clear or water-based sunscreen that won't leave a white cast.


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Clay Masks

Applying clay or mud masks can do wonders for oily skin as they help in extracting excess oil, cleanse the skin and pull out the dirt and other impurities. They also calm down irritated skin so apply them once or times a week for the best results.

Just makes sure you apply a moisturiser afterward or your skin will feel extremely dry and stretchy.


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Facial Serum

There are a plethora of serums available in the market for various skin concerns but if you have oily skin, then your skin deserves its daily dose of a vitamin C serum. It not only helps brighten the skin but also keeps the oil secretion, fades facial scars and feels super lightweight on the skin.


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These products sum up the basic skincare essentials you need in your morning skincare routine for oily skin.

For the nighttime, ditch your SPF altogether and replace your vitamin C serum with niacinamide as it is an excellent product to keep oil secretion in check and it also helps fight off acne.


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Doing skincare is so therapeutic, right?

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