7 Simple Habits That Will Improve Your Quality Of Sleep & Skin

7 Simple Habits That Will Improve Your Quality Of Sleep & Skin

If you're interested in having happier and healthier skin then apart from topically applying a gazillion skincare products, we suggest that you look at the quality of your sleep too. Napping is really like the fountain of youth and is a regenerative process. It is at this time that our skin heals and reduces the impact of stressors that it encountered throughout the day. It helps with skin radiance, acne, puffy eyes, and dark circles. So, all in all is the best thing ever.

Now, research shows that snoozing like most other things is more about quality than quantity. So, we're listing down small simple habits to incorporate to get the best beauty sleep of your life.

Night Time Routine To Follow For Happier And Healthier Skin

Have A Hygienic Sleep Cycle

If you sleep and wake up at the same time, chances are that your body will feel more well-rested. For adults, you need about 7-8 hours of sleep every night, and being strict with yourself when it comes to nap timings is extremely crucial.

Aromatherapy To The Rescue

Essential oils and aromatherapy help with how well you sleep. You can apply the oils to your skin or add a few drops into your diffuser and you'll nap just like a baby. Some scents that really help calm the mind are cedar and lavender and you can even spray some on your pillows or on your sheets. 



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Say Bye-Bye To Screens

We've all been told time and time again to put away our devices and switch off our screens. This is because the blue light emitted from screens negatively impacts our production of melatonin, the body's natural sleep-inducing hormone, thereby disrupting our sleep. If checking your phone is absolutely essential then put on night mode on it or use glasses that are designed to block out blue light.


Take A Warm Shower

Taking a shower one or two hours before going to bed helps lower the body's temperature and allows one to sleep better. Even if you bathe in the morning, taking time to quickly clean off your body helps you get rid of all the pollutants and dirt that's been accumulated. 


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Write In A Journal

Decluttering your mind is extremely important. Before you fall off to sleep, take a few minutes out each day and reflect on how it went. This will allow you to mentally unwind and it'll get you in a better frame of mind to snooze. This is also known to reduce stress and have a positive impact on your overall emotional wellbeing. 

Follow A Skincare Regimen

Beauty sleep is definitely not a myth and following a beauty routine at night will not only result in happier and healthier skin but also make you feel more relaxed before bed. A night cream will soothe your skin and nourish it throughout the night and a sheet mask will provide it with nutrients that will help in cell rejuvenation. 


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Make Sure You Hydrate

Did you know that we lose moisture when we sleep? So, hydration throughout the day is important. However, make sure you don't chug lots of water just before you sleep because that will lead to many disruptive bathroom breaks. This is crucial when we're looking at the quality of sleep and our energy levels.

So, ready to nap?

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