5 Post-Breakup Hairstyles That'll Make You Feel Like A Whole New Person

post-breakup hairstyles

The only good part of a breakup is the transformation it brings with it. You may cry for a couple of weeks, but once you centre yourself, you rise back up. One way to bounce back after a bad breakup is to get a revenge body. But if we're being realistic, in between all the late-night crying and ice-cream binges, it might take a little longer than you anticipated. Getting a new haircut is the fastest, tried & tested way to bounce back from a lull phase of your life. Styling your hair differently will boost your confidence levels and make you feel like a new person (a new & improved version, of course!) Enough talk, let's find you a cool hairstyle

5 Post-Breakup Hairstyles That'll Make 'Em Super Jelly

Someone's going to get really jelly after seeing you flaunt your new look!😉

Do The Lob

This post-breakup hairstyle will make you look like your part of Kim K's crew. This lob is sleek, stylish and, takes sexy to a whole new level. If you have naturally straight hair, you can just do a middle parting. If you don't, then apply a heat protectant first and straighten your hair with a flat iron. 



INR 36,900 AT Dyson

Slicked Back Beauty

Matte lips and slicked-back hair is the recipe for sweet revenge. All you have to do apply pomade product to damp hair and pull the hair back with a comb. Then, blow-dry your hair from back to front, and you're done! This is the kind of hairstyle that symbolises power and confidence - and you got them both! 


Ikonic Women Burgundy Pro 2500+ Blow Dryer

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Pixie Cut For The Win!

If you have long hair and want to change your look completely, opt for a pixie cut. It's revolutionary and will make you feel and look like another woman altogether! Most pixie cuts can look boyish. To feminize it, blow-dry your bangs to one side using a round brush. 


Alan Truman The Blow Brush - Green

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Curtain Bangs With Beach Waves

Bangs are cute and all, but you don't want to give off Hello Kitty vibes -  aim to look like Catwoman. If your hair lacks volume and is limp, use a curling iron to create beach waves. Curtain bangs teamed with dreamy beach waves will take you from heartbroken to heartbreaker!


Arata Styling Hair Gel

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A Wavy Bob

Another fun post-breakup hairstyle is this one. While you're at it, why don't you get coloured streaks as well? You'll look like a bombshell for sure!



Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Color Protection Shampoo

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Which of these post-breakup hairstyles do you have your eyes on? No matter how you feel, remember to take pride in the new you, carry yourself with confidence and charisma, because girl, there ain't anything sexier than that! 

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