Keep It Simple, Silly: 6 Mistakes To Avoid Making When Going In For A Natural Makeup Look

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Doing minimal makeup is having a major moment RN because the beauty world has shifted its attention to skincare. Whether it's trying out the skinimalism makeup trend (where you don't apply a lot of makeup and everyone can see your real skin- texture and pores) or are trying out makeup products that are enriched with skincare benefits, it's all about having happy and healthy skin. 

So, if you are someone who prefers to keep it real and natural when it comes to doing makeup, then this article will definitely help you out. Today, we're talking about some common mistakes that might be making when it comes to natural makeup.

Makeup Mistakes To Avoid If You've Got A Natural Makeup Look On Your Mind

On the minimal makeup days, here are some common mistakes that you should avoid making.

Not Starting With Skincare

Do you want your skin to look amazing, even with no makeup on? Then focus on skincare. Not prepping your skin before you put on makeup can bring the whole look down. Make sure you wash and moisturise your face properly before you start blending in your makeup products.

Using skincare products such as a Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, or even an iridescent face cream can instantly brighten your face and make your skin look so gorgeous- with or without makeup!


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Going Overboard Your Base

Your makeup base is the foundation of your entire look (pun intended). So, picking one that is more natural and skin-like is essential. Choose a natural to medium coverage foundation or a light coverage CC cream. You can also use a skin tint cause that looks superb especially in the summer months.

Avoid using any sort of bronzers and highlighters and let your natural skin shine through.


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Over-Using Powder Products

If you want your skin to look matte, then either use a matte makeup base or a loose setting powder but do not go overboard by using a matte powder because it can give you that full coverage look.

Even if you have super oily skin, choose a mattifying primer over powder products and we bet you'll love the natural finish it'll give your skin.

Make Up

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Choosing Your Eye Makeup Look

Your eye makeup look can easily make or break your natural makeup look. Stray away from bold shades (such as reds, pinks, or blues) and choose a natural shade instead (pastels or nudes). Another important thing to keep in mind is that do not have a riot of shades on your lids. Instead, use only 1-2 light eye shadow shades.

Also, use a clear mascara instead of your fave volumising mascaras.


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Not Using (The Right Shade Of) Blush

If you want that flushed look, then apply blush to your cheeks but instead of choosing a bright shade, opt for more natural-looking colour such as peach or even terracotta.


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Choose The Right Lip Product

The final step is to choose the right lip product. Instead of reaching out for your fave bright lipsticks, either choose a nude lip colour or a tinted lip balm.


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Ready to show off your 'natural' side of makeup? We bet you are!

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