5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sheet Masks Ft. The MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Fam

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sheet Masks Ft. The MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Fam

Imagine this- you've had a tiring day at work and all you wanna do is crawl into bed. You change into your fluffiest pajamas, pour yourself a drink, slap on a sheet mask, lie down with somber music playing in the background. We know, jannat!

Is it just us or applying a sheet mask feels really good? For those couple of minutes, all your problems can go to hell while you relax and recharge. But why use your mask for only a few minutes when you can extend its benefits to more things? Thanks to our MyGlammXO fam, we're telling you interesting ways you can use your fave sheet masks. So, prepare to have your minds blown!

Amazing Sheet Mask Hacks Ft. The MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Fam


Don't just slap on a sheet mask and call it a day as there are a lot more interesting ways you can make full use of your fave skincare item. Let's know all about them, shall we?

Double Hydration Ft. Aarushi Kaushik

What's the first rule of applying any sort of face mask? Start with a clean canvas! Usually, we cleanse our face thoroughly, pat it dry and then apply our face or sheet masks, right? But Aarushi here has a great hack that's for everyone with extremely dry skin.

After removing traces of makeup and dirt from your face using the MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Body Lotion, go ahead and apply the MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Hand Cream on the areas where your skin feels extremely dry and then the MyGlamm K.Play Anti-oxidant Face Sheet Mask, Acai Berry on your face. Wait for a few minutes and dryness? She'll be long gone!


WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Lotion

INR 219 AT MyGlamm

H2T Hydration F.t Varsha

Have you ever squeezed out your sheet mask to see how much serum is left? Well, neither have we but after watching Varsha's videos, we most definitely are going to try!

Just like all of us, Varsha enjoyed using the MyGlamm K.Play Hydrating Face Sheet Mask, Lychee on her face but instead of tossing the used sheet, she squeezed out the excess serum, and boy, oh boy. The product collected is more than enough to hydrate your hands and feet, right?


K.Play Lychee Hydrating Sheet Mask

INR 145 AT MyGlamm

Overall Glow And Dewy Ft. Sarita Behera

You may have used a basic sheet mask many times but how about an iridescent sheet mask that leaves your skin sparkly and shiny? Yes, we are talking about the MyGlamm Glow Iridescent Brightening Sheet Mask.

Sarita is obsessed with hers and who can blame her? Instead of applying it just to her face, she used the sheet mask to add a glow to her hands, neck, and shoulders. She even went ahead and applied the MyGlamm Clean Beauty Cocoa Butter Lip & Cheek Pencil on the back of her hand, followed by pouring a few drops of the MyGlamm Glow Iridescent Brightening Body Lotion and creating a DIY cream blush. She applied it on her dewy base for the ultimate dewy makeup look.


Clean Beauty Cocoa Butter Lip & Cheek Pencil - French Rose

INR 790 AT MyGlamm

For Glass-like Skin Ft. Shreya Goyal

We all want our skin to look dewy and luminous, right? And a sheet mask can actually help you with that. 

Take the remaining serum that's left in the packet of your MyGlamm K.Play Anti-oxidant Face Sheet Mask, Acai Berry, and applying it evenly on your face before starting with your makeup does the trick.


K.Play Acai Berry Anti-Oxidant Sheet Mask

INR 145 AT MyGlamm

Five Time's The Charm Ft Anisha

Get ready for not one, but five amazing sheet mask hacks by Anisha that are here to change your skincare game!

Hack 1: Temperature: As opposed to what we usually do, that is keeping our sheet mask in the refrigerator, put your sheet mask in warm water for a relaxing experience.

Hack 2: Cut It: If you think the sheet mask is too long for your face, cut it around the edges to make it fit perfectly with your face.

Hack 3: Use The Remaining Serum: Do not throw away the excess serum that's left in the packet. Use it to hydrate your hands or elbows.

Hack 4: Show Some TLC To Your Neck: After removing your sheet mask, use it to hydrate your neck. After all, our neck is one of the first places that starts showing signs of ageing.

Hack 5: Massage After Masking: Instead of wiping away the serum/essence, massage it into your face. Use the knuckles of your hands to massage and sculpt your face, naturally.


GLOW Iridescent Brightening Sheet Mask

INR 199 AT MyGlamm

PS: Work hard, mask harder!

Featured Image: Instagram