7 Long-Lasting Beauty Treatments That Will Make Your Morning Routine A Breeze

7 Long-Lasting Beauty Treatments That Will Make Your Morning Routine A Breeze

If you're one of those people who puts one alarm after another with a five-minute difference then you're definitely in my crew. Waking up has always been a nightmare and now after working from home for a year, I've become even lazier. Forget a morning makeup routine, it's tough to even get myself to hop in for a quick shower before a meeting. That's why long-lasting beauty treatments have been a life-saver. You save time on filling in your brows when you've got micro-needling done and you can say goodbye to your contour palette after getting the HIFU treatment done. Sounds efficient, right?

Today, we're breaking down some of these treatments that'll save you time in the morning so that you can at least enjoy your coffee without glancing at your watch a hundred times. 

7 Long-Lasting Beauty Treatments That Will Make Your Morning Routine A Breeze



HIFU aka High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment is a quick in-salon facial that uses ultrasound therapy to give you a naturally sculpted and lifted look. Unlike your regular facial that gives your skin a glow for a day or two, HIFU continues to give you results over a span of 6-8 months. The treatment is quick, takes about 8-10 minutes and has no downtime. It's touted to be one of the quickest, non-surgical ways to give yourself a facelift, so you can definitely kiss that bronzer goodbye. 

How does it work? HIFU uses ultrasound waves to break down the fatty layer that sits under your skin. This basically means that the layer of fat cells is broken down & shrinks by a considerable margin. This is what gives your face a contoured appearance. As a result of this, your muscles contract and your body perceives this as an injury. And what happens when your body senses an injury? It triggers a healing cycle which in turn, triggers the production of collagen (and we all know how important collagen is). The effects of the treatment can a few weeks to show results, but if you're looking for a semi-permanent way to add definition and a bit of radiance to your skin, this is something to consider.

Pros: Non-surgical procedure so no downtime. Long-term results and great for people who struggle with losing weight around their neck and face.

Cons: Painful procedure so not recommended if you have a low pain threshold. It is an expensive procedure, it can cost up to Rs 32,000. 

Laser Hair Removal


Getting rid of body hair isn't a necessity but if you prefer to keep yourself groomed, then laser hair removal might be something to consider. Waxing, shaving, epilating are all great options but consistency and frequency are key. If you want a more permanent solution, laser hair removal is the answer.

How does it work? This method uses laser light to destroy the hair follicle from the root and slowly thins out the hair. In a span of 6-8 sittings (depending on the thickness of your hair), you can expect to see an 80-90% reduction in hair growth and thickness. You can get any part of your body lasered, legs, face, back, abdomen, arms, underarms etc but it does have more beneficial results in certain areas like the bikini line, underarms, and legs. Most clinics offer great discounts on full-body laser hair removal packages. 

Pros: No downtime, long-term results. Lesser pain than other hair removal methods like waxing and epilating. It is an expensive one-time cost to incur, but in the long run, it turns out to be much cheaper than regular waxing and threading. We recommend looking for package deals rather than paying for individual sessions. 

Cons: You have to get a touch-up session every 2-3 years to maintain the treatment. 



Microneedling is a clinical procedure that is used to target a number of skin issues like acne, scarring, sun damage, pigmentation, stretch marks. If you've been trying a number of topical treatments that have shown you little to no improvement, this is something you can consider. It is relatively painless, takes about 10-20 minutes, and has little downtime with a long list of benefits. 

What is it? The treatment (isn't for you if you're afraid of needles) uses a roller with hundreds of tiny needles to puncture the first layer of the skin. The needles are rolled over your face causing small wounds on your skin. This encourages your skin to repair & boosts the production of collagen and elastin. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, enhances the overall texture of the skin, and reduces the appearance of pores. As a result, your skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin & are more effective. After a few sessions, you will see a noticeable difference in the way your skin looks & feels. 

Pros: No downtime except a bit of redness and mild irritation. Helps your skincare products penetrate better. Helps fade away scars, blemishes & milk wrinkles. In 2-3 weeks, your skin looks brighter, rejuvenated, and has a lovely glow. 

Cons: The procedure is not recommended for people who have a fear of needles. It can be expensive and costs up to Rs 49,000. It may not be recommended for all skin types and some people may experience redness, itching, and mild scarring for a few days.

Gua Sha


If you can't bring yourself to commit to any in-salon treatments, Gua Sha is an easy at-home treatment that gives your skin a youthful glow & helps your face look sculpted. 

What is it? 

Gua sha comes in many different shapes and varieties and it isn't really a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Using a combination of short and long strokes you can give yourself a facial massage that stimulates lymphatic drainage and flow. It releases excessive fluid in the skin helping with puffiness and muscle tension. For those of you who want a rosier complexion, this technique improves blood circulation that does just that. So, before getting into bed follow a night time pamper routine using this tool and you'll sleep sounder and wake up with a more sculpted look.

 Pros: Cost-effective and pain-free with no side-effects.

Cons: You have to be regular to see results & understand how to properly use a Gua Sha. If you have active acne or extremely sensitive skin, this is not for you.

Here's a tutorial that you can follow 



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Too busy to fill in your brows early in the morning? Well, with microblading you won't have to. Your brows will always look filled in and you won't have to worry about any bald spots or sparse areas. Cara Delevingne vibe, all the time?

What is it?

Microblading is like tattooing tiny and realistic-looking brow hair on your skin that doesn't wash off. However, unlike tattooing, the procedure is semi-permanent and lasts anywhere between 1-3 years and if you have oily skin, it tends to fade faster. The process involves tiny, fine-point needles that deposit pigment on your skin giving you the illusion of having naturally thick eyebrows. 

Pros: It doesn't look fake or made-up. Reduces your dependability on brow products. Works well for people with sparse brows.

Cons: It isn't a cheap procedure that starts at Rs 25,000 per session. 



Cool Sculpting


Each one of us looks at our bodies differently. There are some days we look at the mirror and feel like we can rule the world while on others our insecurities get the best of us. More often than not, weight gain or loss is at the top of these charts. If you are looking for a boost to get you on the path to fitness or for a quick fix to get rid of stubborn fat, cool sculpting is a procedure that you can turn to.

What is it?

Coolscupting is a technique that reduces the fat cells in your body. The technology does what it says - freezes fat cells, breaks them down and gets rid of them permanently. This works because as compared to liposuction, it's non-surgical, non-invasive and has minimal downtime. The dead cells are broken down, dissolved by the body, and eliminated through the lymph system and the best part is that once they are destroyed, they are gone for good. You will start to see changes in your body within four to eight weeks and if you need a second session you can come back as early as eight weeks. For larger areas like the abdomen, you might even need three sessions. 

Pros: Non-invasive and you can see results in a few weeks. An easy solution to get rid of stubborn fat cells that have been resistant to exercise. 

Cons: The fat that is there is destroyed by cool sculpting but you have to supplement this progress with a healthy lifestyle. What you need to keep in mind is while this procedure eliminates a considerable number of cells, new cells will grow right back unless you eat well and exercise regularly. It is an expensive treatment and can cost upwards of Rs 40,000 depending on the area.





If you want every day to be a good hair day without worrying about spending time styling it in the morning, you could go in for a keratin treatment. For those of you who don't know, keratin is the structural protein found in our hair, skin, and nails, and the procedure is done to smoothen out the strands and reduce frizz.

What is it?

It is a chemical process that smoothens out and adds shine to frizzy hair. Basically, the hair technician uses a technique where he injects the hair follicle with keratin, which is an essential hair protein. Your hair will appear healthier because it actually is. Depending on your hair length the procedure can last anywhere between two to four hours and can cost upwards of Rs 3000.

Pros: Gives hair a shine and reduces the effects of continuous heat damage. It also reduces frizz in the hair and styling and drying time also becomes negligible. 

Cons: Lasts for only about 3-6 months depending on your hair type. Every time you wash your hair, the treatment wears off a little and you'll have to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain it.  


Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Shampoo

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Many of these treatments are available at Kaya Clinics that are located in about 27 cities across India including New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.

Just a word of caution- these beauty treatments do come with their benefits and downsides but we suggest that you do in-depth research before going in for them and even consult a professional for more information. 

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