Bharat Ka Swarnim Gaurav! 7 Things You'll Get If You've Studied In Kendriya Vidyalaya

Bharat Ka Swarnim Gaurav! 7 Things You'll Get If You've Studied In Kendriya Vidyalaya

From bunking classes to styling our uniforms, school days were the absolute best. Even though we carried school bags heavier than our own weight, we’d pick school life over adulting any day! 

Every school has its own charms but there's no other like Kendriya Vidyalaya. KVians lived their best lives in their classic white and blue uniform (we know it has changed now). As much as we miss those school days, there are some things that we’d rather not deal with the morning assembly and the diary full of complaints. Like me, if you've spent some of your best schooling years in Kendriya Vidyalaya, here are a few things that'll make you go 'hard relate'.

1. The Pledge

All Indians are my brothers and sisters....except for Aayush from 8th B! From being forced to wear those colorful ribbons as a part of the uniform to the long boring assembly, we've seen some truly tough days! 

2. The Legendary Stomach Pain

While most people did this to skip school, we did this to skip the morning assembly. Plus it came with the advantage of spending a good 30-40 mins sleeping away to glory, while everyone else waited for the assembly (read: torture) to get over!

3. Going From Short Skirt To Short Kameez

We don't have a problem with the new plaid uniform but TBH, it has nothing against the salwar suit! Rolling up the skirts till class 8 was great but 9th was when we all turned stylists. From wearing Patiala salwars and short and fitted kameez, we’ve done it all to look chic in our desi uniform!

4. Socially Useful Productive Work aka SUPW

This class was all about doing nothing and on most days, it was when we all got a free games period! But TBH, this was also one of the most sexist classes where the girls were taught sewing and the boys could either paint or learn carpentry! 

5. The List Of Songs!

Kendriya Vidyalaya's list of songs could probably beat every other school out there. Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu--KV has songs in just about all the languages in India. And no way can we ever forget about--'Bharat ka swarnim gaurav Kendriya Vidyalaya layega'. 

6. Chalks And White Shoes

Nope, don't even try denying it. We've all used chalk to make our dirty shoes white at least once in our lives. Having dirty white shoes was our biggest nightmare, more so when there were uniform checks! But the white chalk always saved the day. 

7. The Dreaded Inspection Day

How can we forget the day that everyone feared! This was the day when a team of officers (mostly Navy, Army, or Airforce) would come to examine if everything was up to the mark in the school or not. The preparations would begin weeks before the big day. From the extra-long morning assembly to decorating the classrooms to crisp and clean uniforms, everything had to be perfect. While the teachers would teach an old lesson in a much better way, the students feared being randomly picked up by the inspection team to answer a question!

Well, nostalgia is hitting us hard. TBH, we had a love-hate relationship with our Kendriya Vidyalaya back then but today, we’d give anything to live those days once again!

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