When's My Next Cheat Day? 7 Things You'll Relate To If You're Trying To Quit Junk Food

When's My Next Cheat Day? 7 Things You'll Relate To If You're Trying To Quit Junk Food

Do you know what a large-sized pizza with extra cheese and a full plate of tandoori momos have in common? Just the thought of these mouth-watering dishes can give you an instant craving!

But having said that, it was during the lockdowns when I truly realised how much my life had become dependent on junk food. Be it in the form of sugary drinks or cookies every now and then, unhealthy snacks had become a vital part of my diet. The effects were visible when I felt more lethargic than usual, started gaining extra weight, and had some withdrawal symptoms when I tried to completely remove junk from my diet suddenly. Clearly, it was time that I said goodbye to junk food for good. And oh boy, this may have been the toughest break up of my life!

Whether you are someone who has been following a strict diet and ignoring junk food for a while or someone who's trying to quit but failing miserably, here are a few ordeals that you will relate to.

7 Things You Will Relate To If You're Quitting Junk Food

Junk foods have red flags all over them but a lot of us like to ignore them. Well, stop! And, if you have already or trying to, then here are some things to remind you that you aren't alone!

Waiting For Cheat Day

You may not remember your birthday or anniversary, but you simply cannot forget when your next cheat day is. It is marked on your calendar and you even have an entire menu prepared for that day. Honestly, cheat days feel like the Christmas presents that kids receive for being well-behaved throughout the year!

Your 'Gram Is Full of Street Food Pages

Junk foods are like those ex-lovers whom you love to stalk on social media. You may be following a clean diet, but you love to follow some amazing food bloggers on your 'Gram who share the most tempting food pics. Well, as long as the stalking isn't harming your resolution to eat healthy, it's all good in the hood!

Cafes? Oh No!

You dread going out to fancy cafes and restaurants because really, what are you even going to eat there?! As a result, you either end up taking a raincheck on those plans or sitting at cafes with an empty plate. And frankly, both the options suck equally.

No Cheese, No Fries, No Life

...But, in case you do order from the menu, you have some *specifications*. It includes avoiding every ingredient in your meal that you consider unhealthy or full of calories. In other words, you just have a pizza without cheese and a burger without buns.

Eat Hard & Work Harder

If at all you happen to give in to the temptation and have an impromptu cheat day, then you may feel a little guilty. But, if you do slip, don't be hard on yourself--just focus on getting back on your diet/exercise routine the next day!

OMG That Aroma

You may have learned the art of abstinence, but you cannot deny that you are still in love with the aroma of cheese, grilled chicken, hot fries, and all such meals that are a complete no-go. Sometimes, the aroma tempts you to take a bite and before you even know, you have gobbled up an entire plate of that meal. Well, now that your next plate may be on its way already, don't forget what we told you in the previous pointer!

Always Finding Healthier Alternatives

Here's a big secret anyone who is trying to quit junk food knows--there's always an alternative to your fave unhealthy snack. Maggi can be replaced with whole wheat noodles and a multi-grain roti is a perfect substitute for tortilla bread. Seriously, when you come to think of it, you can always have delicious meals by just making a few healthy innovations in the recipe. Isn't that amazing? 

Eating healthy is certainly important--but every now and then when that craving hits, eat that cake! Life's too short to not enjoy the things you love. 

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