5 Quick & Easy Ways To Treat A Smelly Scalp That Will Get You Through The Sweaty Summer

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Anyone can have a bad hair day but a smelly scalp- that's a bit much to handle. It can happen due to product buildup, having a naturally oily scalp, or the simple reason that you haven't washed your hair in days. The summer months can cause even more odour to buildup cause of excessive heat and sweat. But don't worry, cause we know just how you can shoo it away with some easy tricks.

How To Treat A Smelly Scalp


Do not fear your scalp smelling funky as today, we're telling you the easiest ways that can get rid of that awful stench in no time.

The Right Hair Oil

Having an oily scalp is one of the most common reasons for a smelly scalp. That's because sweat and oil buildup can cause bacteria to stick to your hair and produce an awful stench. When you use heavier oils on your scalp such as coconut oil, it can make the situation worse.

Instead of ditching applying a hair oil altogether, opt for light hair oils such as argan or neem oil as it also stimulates hair growth. 


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Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are stronger in nature and you should consider a few of them as a possible remedy against a smelly scalp. Lemon, tea tree, neem, lavender, lemongrass essential oils are some of our top choices. Just mix a few drops with your hair mask or any hair oil and we bet the smell won't stand a chance against their antimicrobial properties.

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Wash Your Mane Regularly

Rub your fingers through your scalp and if it stinks, then it's shampoo time. The best way to get rid of any kind of smell is via a thorough wash! Opt for gentle, paraben and sulphate free shampoos as you'll be washing your hair more than usual.


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Lemon is a great ingredient to get rid of that awful smell. Yes, on its own it's abravise and harmful, which is why you should always dilute it with water or mix it with another ingredient(s) before using it.

Create an easy DIY mix using 1 tbsp of dahi and lemon juice (from one whole lemon). Mix them well and apply it on your scalp once 1-2 times for 30 mins a week to get rid of scalp smell in no time.

Hair Mists

Looking for a more temporary, instant solution to keep that stench in check? Then hair mists, it is! If you often have a stinky scalp, then always keep a hair mist handy especially if you love working out. Just don't even use any sort of deodorant or perfume in your hair as it contains alcohol.


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Ready to get rid of that smell for good?

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