Love Cosying Up To Bae? Here's How To Cuddle Them In The Most Intimate & Comfy Way

how to cuddle

Cuddling is a great way to create intimacy with your partner and establish a close relationship with them. It is one of the best ways to reduce stress and create a language of love with your partner. Yes, if you thought that cuddling was only about wrapping your arms around your special someone, then you would be surprised to know that you are wrong! Cuddling is not just about latching on to your partner but also about pure romance. Cuddling also includes hugging, massages, snuggling, and more. It can be a way to spend some quality time with your partner and it's also the quickest way to fall asleep! Well, if you are as big a fan of cuddling as we are, then you will definitely enjoy these cuddle positions and tips right here.

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    Best Cuddle Positions To Try With Your Boyfriend

    Here are some of the best ways to teach you how to cuddle your boyfriend. It will make you both feel relaxed and happy instantly.

    The ‘Spoon’

    Spooning is one of the best and most fun cuddle positions. You can be the ‘big spoon’ if you want but it is generally the person who’s taller. When you’re spooning with your partner, you both lie by your sides. The big spoon wraps their hand around their partner’s waist and rests their stomach against their back.

    The Half Spoon

    The ‘half spoon’ is the position that is generally used when you and your partner are just want to sleep peacefully or have a light-hearted conversation. If you are wondering how to cuddle in the ‘half spoon’ position, then it is pretty simple. One person lays straight on their back while their partner lies on their side and use their partner’s arms as a pillow. It’s the best position if you want to cuddle but not feel claustrophobic by leaving no space in between your bodies.

    The Back-To-Back

    This cuddle position is the ideal position for those who want to feel the presence of their partner without getting extremely touchy. In this position, the partners sleep on their side facing their backs to each other. It means both partners will be facing opposite each other while their backs are touching.

    The Honeymoon Hug

    This is the best cuddle position for every couple who love to be as close to their partners as possible while they sleep. It’s utterly romantic and quite intimate. In this position, both the partners lie while facing each other and sleep in a hugging position. The limbs, legs, and arms and entwined throughout.

    The Sweetheart Cradle

    This position is similar to the half spoon position. One of the partners lies on their back while the other use their chest as their pillow. While their head rests on their partner’s body, their entire body is at a distance. It’s quite a nurturing position and one of the sweetest ways to cuddle.

    The Leg Hug

    Just like the back to back cuddle position, the leg hug cuddle position is also meant for couples who like to keep their distance and not get extremely touchy. Taking a step further, in the leg hug cuddle position, the couple lie either on their backs or torso separately and only their legs are entwined.

    The Back Pillow

    This is one of the best cuddling positions for many couples! In this position, one partner lies on their torso while their partner uses their bum as a pillow. Cute, right?

    The Lap Pillow

    The lap pillow is one of the most traditional forms of cuddle and romance. We have seen this position multiple times in movies and even in real life. In this position, one couple sits while their legs are spread and their partner rests their head on their laps.

    The Arm Draper

    In this cuddle position, both partners lie side by side while facing each other. Their sleep with their arms on each other. This cuddle position depicts that the couple are at a very secure and stable position in their relationship.


    This is the cosiest type of cuddle position and often considered uncomfortable by many couples. However, if you are someone who does not mind getting all touchy with your partner, then you can try the intertwined position where one partner is lying on another and have their limbs intertwined.

    The Chasing Spoon

    If you're wondering about how to cuddle with a partner who does not really like to cuddle (or vice versa), then you should definitely try the chasing spoon. In this cuddle position, one person sleeps on their side and their partner keeps their arms on them.

    The Hand On Hand

    The hand on hand cuddling position is for those who think that less is more. In this position, couples sleep while facing each other and just have their hand placed on another’s hand.

    The Space Cuddle

    In the space cuddle, one person takes the maximum space on the bed while their partner sleeps in a limited space. In this position, the partners only have either their arms or legs touching each other.

    The Head & Toe Cuddle

    In this cuddle position, the partner sleep in opposite direction. One partner’s feet rest beside their partner’s face and they have minimal physical contact.

    The Pet Cuddle

    In the pet cuddle position, the partners sleep with their pets in between, making it feel like a family sleeping together. It is indeed, one of the sweetest types of cuddling.

    3 Fun Tips For Cuddling Better


    Now that you know how to cuddle, it is time you also learn some tips that will help you cuddle better with your partner.

    Communication Is Key

    Always communicate with your partner if you want to cuddle with them better. You can always ask what position they enjoy the most and if they like more or less space while cuddling. 

    Check The Room Temperature

    It is always important and better to check the temperature of the room. If it is too hot, you may want to keep some distance between you and your partner to stay comfortable. Believe it or not, cuddling is affected by weather and temperature as well.

    Clothes On Or Off

    Different couples like to cuddle differently. While some love to leave their clothes on, others like to keep everything off when they cuddle. You might want to check with your partner about what they like best.

    Why Should You Cuddle Your Partner More?


    If you think that cuddling is only about love and romance, then here are some pointers that will change your approach altogether. Interestingly enough, cuddling has health benefits as well. Read on to find out!

    Regulates Blood Pressure

    Touch has a calming effect on your body and if you have hypertension, then cuddling should be a part of your high blood pressure-lowering plan.

    Relieves Pain & Anxiety

    According to a lot of scientific research, stroking, massaging, and tender physical touch releases more dopamine and serotonin in the body. It relieves you from anxiety and even pain.

    Boosts Immune System

    Cuddles and massages can boost your immune system by decreasing existing cortisol levels and arginine vasopressin hormone that increases the stress hormone in the body.

    More Fun Things To Know About Cuddling

    If you loved all this info about cuddling, then here are some more fun stuff about cuddling that you should definitely know. 

    Benefits of Cuddling Who said that you can only cuddle with your partner? You can cuddle with your friends, children, parents and pets because there are many benefits--psychological and emotional--attached to cuddling. Read the story to know about the benefits of cuddling.

    Post-Cuddle Feelings Now that you know the best cuddling positions and their benefits, then here is something that will interest you. This is how your partners feel after they cuddle you.

    What Does Your Cuddling Position Say About You Did you know that your most and least favourite cuddling positions say something about your personality as well? If you want to know what kind of cuddler you are and what it says about you, then read this to know more.

    Hope these fun cuddle positions make your cuddling experience better!

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