11 Fun & Traditional Ways To Celebrate Easter 2021 Amid The Pandemic

ideas to celebrate easter

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to cancel a lot of parties and celebrations and with Easter around the corner, we're all left wondering how to enjoy the festive spirit. Easter bunny, egg hunts, loads of candy and fun twists to traditions make this holiday something we all look forward to. While most people believe that Easter celebrations are meant for kids, that's not really true. This holiday is all about joy, hope and new beginnings for adults too. All you really need is a fun idea to celebrate Easter with your loved ones. Be it a traditional Easter celebration or a party, we all need to make sure that we keep our health and safety in mind while enjoying this holiday.  

If you're wondering how to celebrate Easter and make it memorable this year, don't you worry! We've got you covered with some creative ideas to celebrate Easter. Scroll ahead!

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    How To Celebrate Easter With Family


    1. Cooking a traditional Easter meal with your family is a great way to kickstart this holiday and spend time with your loved ones. A delicious Easter omelette or a traditional pot-luck style meal along with some baked treats is the perfect way to celebrate Easter. 

    2. While this Easter game is reserved for the kids, adults can also enjoy a great egg hunt. We recommend you organize a hunt at night and customise the game with your own rules. But at the end of the game, it's all about the prize. You can always put cash, wine bottles and maybe even gift cards in the egg!

    3. Easter celebration includes egg decoration but why not take this opportunity to make it more fun by turning it into a competition! This year, challenge your family to decorate the egg in the best possible way in a limited time frame and let the games begin!  

    4. Order-in your Easter dinner and support local businesses instead of cooking a whole spread at home. Use all your free time to make memories with your loved ones on this holiday. 

    5. Take all your relatives and loved ones on a group video call for an Easter celebration. Share Easter stories and old memories while you make new ones. 

    Ways To Celebrate Easter With Friends


    1. There's nothing better than an Easter party. Host a pastel themed party for the Easter celebration and invite all your close friends. Remember to maintain COVID safety norms while you enjoy this holiday.

    2. Have a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt! A night egg hunt can be lots of fun but it becomes even better if you have some glow in the dark eggs! If you can't find glow in the dark paint for your Easter eggs, you can place small glow sticks inside them instead. 

    3. Hold an Easter candy or chocolate making contest with your friends. Making bunny or egg-shaped chocolates or candies can be just as fun as eating them. 

    4. Apart from the egg hunt, there are several other Easter games to enjoy this day with your friends. You can put a bunny on a wooden target and play ring toss. You can also play a game of messy egg darts by throwing raw eggs at the target or maybe you can just play an Easter version of 'Would You Rather?'.

    5. A cook-off can be a great way to celebrate Easter. Grab your aprons and whip up your grandma's Easter recipe and let everyone decide which dish is the best.

    6. Marshmallow peeps are a huge part of Easter celebrations. But as an adult, you can always include it in a fun way at your Easter party. Make vodka infused marshmallow peeps for your party and you can also use them for your cocktails. 

    Fun Facts About Easter


    - Ever wondered why the Easter date is different every year but it's always on a Sunday? Well, it's because Easter is actually celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon on or after March 21. This holiday also marks the beginning of the spring season.

    - We all know that the Easter bunny is a legend but did you know that it originated in Germany? And that's not all, much like the Christmas legend this Easter legend has no connection with the holiday. The Easter bunny legend began in pre-Christian Germany. 

    - This holiday is named after the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of fertility, dawn and light --Eostre. Hare and the egg are said to be the symbols of Goddess Eostre.

    - Apart from Halloween, Easter is the one festival where candy sales are the highest. In fact, Cadbury makes almost 500 million Creme eggs every year which is about 1.5 million egg-shaped chocolate per day.

    - The tradition of painting and decorating eggs during the Easter celebration was inspired by a Ukrainian custom. The Ukrainians decorate Gods and Goddesses of health and fertility using wax, dyes and paints.

    - Pretzels are a savoury snack that is traditionally associated with the Easter celebration. This salty treat was considered an Easter snack because it looks a lot like arms crossing in prayer.

    Good Friday Wishes: Good Friday is observed during the Holy Week which includes the Easter celebration. While this day is traditionally celebrated as the day when Jesus Christ was crucified, it is also when people spread hope and positivity. So, we've got some Good Friday quotes, wishes, messages and prayers to share with your loved ones.

    Easter Wishes And Messages: Coronavirus has made it difficult for us to celebrate festivals with social distancing and other safety norms. But this does not mean that we need to skip such annual holidays. Easter celebrations may or may not happen but you can spread some positivity this holiday by sharing warm wishes, quotes and messages with your loved ones. 

    Ways To Celebrate Good Friday: Three days before the Easter celebration, Good Friday is celebrated. But the significance of this day is rather contradictory to its name. This day is holy but it's actually believed to be the day when Jesus Christ was arrested and then crucified and then resurrected from the dead. So if you're thinking of ways to celebrate this day, we've got you covered. 

    Holi Wishes And Quotes: The festival of colours is just around the corner. This also means that now’s a good time to prepare yourself for all the delicious food, the bhang wali thandai and loads of other festive fun that’s coming your way. But with all the COVID safety norms, the Holi celebration won't be the same. This is why we all need to take a moment to spread positivity and love this Holi by sharing some quotes, wishes and messages to mark the victory of good over evil. 

    Here’s wishing you all a happy Easter! Don’t forget to stay safe and follow COVID safety norms during this holiday season. 

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